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When looking for archery supplies and bow accessories many people forget about what sight they need for their weapon. They’re one of the most crucial elements in archery accessories and is needed for long range and low lighting situations. The great thing about sights are that they’re easily swappable. Just about any sight you get can be used on your different bows. Bow sights and archery sights have pins that are on the sight to help you aim when shooting. Depending on where you live and what you’re shooting at there are different amounts of pins that sights have. The best bow sight that a majority of people use are the adjustable bow sights. They let you move the sight to where you want it and make windage adjustments. There are models that give you an Allen key to fine tune your sights or adjustment knobs which are a lot more easy to use. Once people get used to multi pin sights they usually move onto a single pin bow sight for aiming. The reason for this is because when you’re hunting prey you only have a short time frame to shoot. With single pin sights you don’t have to spend time picking a pin or pick the wrong pin on accident. The best single pin bow sight should be thin so you can see what you’re shooting and be visible in low light. If you’re shooting from a tree stand there are special pendulum sights that swing or can be connected to the ground. This makes it so you don’t have to choose a pin when shooting. When looking for a sight that fits your needs the main things to look for are colored pins to easily pinpoint targets, if it’s adjustable or not, and how fine and thin the pins are.