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A compound bow is a more complex bow than a regular one. You can only draw your string so far before it makes you stop unlike a regular crossbow. Different compound bows have different draw lengths that stop you and different draw weight as well. Draw weight is how much strength you have to put in to hold the string and arrow in place. A larger draw weight means that you have more resistance when aiming your arrow. Compound bows or even a recurve bow make great bows for bow hunting and other sports. They’re more easy to use than a longbow and are easily customizable. Brands like Ten Point crossbow make scopes and other parts that you can put on your bow. This helps hunters and shooters be more accurate and saves them a lot of time in the end. There are components in gear that bows normally don’t have. Compound bows have a wheel looking thing on both ends of it that help power the bow. These are called the bow’s cams and they are also used to measure the axle to axle ratio when shooting. The longer the axle to axle size is the easier time you’ll have when shooting a longer shot. When looking for compound bows for sale there’s a lot that you have to remember. The draw height and draw length length are one, how much force it takes to hold the string, and how durable it is. Brands like the Matthews bows and Hoyt bows usually come in two varieties, ready-to-shoot or bare. A bare recurve bow or compound bow is just the bow by itself while ready-to-shoot bows have accessories likes arrows and sights attached to them. It’s important to know what you need and what gear to pack when you’re shooting your bow.