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When it comes to hunting and knowing your gear it takes a lot of knowledge. There are tons of things you need to know about the wilderness, wild animals, and weapons available to you. It can get hectic when choosing from the thousands of field points on the market. Knowing which one to use is vital in shooting a successful shot at a target. Field broadheads are great for hunting have practice versions for you to hone your skills. Different broadheads do different things and come in two varieties. There’s the traditional broadhead arrow and the new mechanical broadheads. The arrow tips on traditional broadheads are built in the same piece as the base of the arrow head. The material used can be aluminum or carbon since they are light and move through the air fast. Mechanical crossbow broadheads have expanding and retracting tips on the ends of the arrow head. They’re retracted by default and expand when there’s enough pressure on the tip of the arrow. One a mechanical broadhead hits something the metal hooks expand and latch onto whatever it’s in. One of the most lethal ways to shoot game and kill it from the inside quickly are with these arrows. This makes is one of the best hunting arrows that man kind can use right now. For small game arrow heads you need to make sure that the arrow is big enough for your bow. A lot of small game arrows are meant for smaller weapons to make them work. When browsing at broadheads for sale make sure to keep a handful of things in mind. Do you need a field and specialty arrow for practice or hunting, how durable the arrow material is, and if you need it to be mechanical or not.