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When looking at an archery target there are a lot of different types of products and materials to choose from. Depending on what you’re hunting and what weapon you’re using you’re going to need to adapt and choose a target that fits your hunting style. The different types of archery targets for sale are block, bag sacks, and foam archery targets. Paper targets are dainty and are the least durable out of the bunch. Bags on the other hand last longer due to the filling that they put in the bag. Once your bag target seems like it’s taken enough beating, all you have to do is buy new bag cover and replace the old one with it. The best crossbow target would have to be made out of foam because they’re the only targets that can handle broad heads. 3D archery targets are made from foam or a mixture of block and foam to make different forms. The compounds in foam let it be turned into things like a bear or deer target. This makes it more realistic and helps you get into the mindset of a hunter. 3D Targets can withstand being shot at for weeks and even months if you don’t shoot the same spot over and over again. The friction from the foam doesn’t let your arrow go all the way through and even seems like it heals itself when you pull your arrow out. Other crossbow targets like the paper ones won’t last that long and will get shredded within days of using it. Some people may say that a Morrell target is the best archery target but all of them do just about the same thing. As long as your bow targets are made of material that can withstand your weapon then you’re good to go.