Bow Tuning & Maintenance Insights

As an archer, you should make sure that your bow is well-maintained so that it may perform accordingly. A major issue is when people lack knowledge about how to tune and maintain their bow. Bow tuning steps include:

  • Check Draw Length – Always ensure that your draw length is accurate. You can measure the draw length using a wing span. Your back should also be against the wall. Spread your arms so it looks like you are “flying.” Another person can assist you to place a piece of tape where your middle finger touches. After that, measure the distance.
  • Mount The Rest – There are many types of bow accessories and they include the rests. Always use fasteners when mounting the rest on the bow.
  • Rest Timing – When carrying out compound bow tuning, you are supposed to carry out rest timing. Some of the bow tuning tools that you need in this case include the bow press and it can also be substituted with a clamp which is provided by the manufacturer. This step is essential especially when you are using a drop away rest.
  • Set the Arrow Height – When setting the arrow height, always ensure that you have the necessary archery accessories. The bow should be placed in a bow vise. You will then nock an arrow and then take the string to the arrow level as a way of verifying that you have attained the necessary arrow height.

As for compound bow tuning, some of the major steps include paper tuning. It is important to carry out paper tuning so that the bow may have high accuracy levels. Also, people should ensure that they have the necessary archery equipment and a bow tuning kit.