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Choosing The Right Target For Your Bow

When looking to improve your archery skills you want to make sure you invest in the best archery targets for sale. There are many different types of practice targets for archery available such as 3D targets, deer & other animal targets, foam, block, and bag targets. You want to make sure you are always choosing a high-quality product that fits your needs and lasts a long time. Some of the most commonly used targets for archery practice are bag targets. If you own a compound or recurve bow, then you likely own a bag target or two. They are designed to take repeated hits by hundreds or sometimes thousands of arrows. Usually made with a synthetic material which is durable, great for stopping arrows, and easy to pull the arrow out after your shot.

While bag targets are great for beginner archers, you want to avoid shooting anything besides field points with them. When shooting broadheads or mechanical heads they can get stuck in the bag or even worse rip the target’s outside. Bag targets can also be very heavy which make them difficult to move around. They are best used for indoor archery range targets.