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For most people, camping is an opportunity to unplug and relax. However, just because you are getting away from it all,it does not mean that that you should give up all your comforts. Here is a list of camping accessories that you can carry for your trip.1. Solar panel

While camping solar panel may sound cumbersome and fragile, they are not. All you will have to do is hang your solar panel on your backpack or tent, to receive free energy. You can use this energy to charge your phone and any other devices you might have, as long as you are not out in a storm. If you are not ready to carry a panel, you can opt for solar power banks.

2. First aid kit

Everything in a first aid kit, including antiseptic wipes, tweezers, pain, and anti-inflammatory medicine and band-aids are crucial when out in the woods. They will ensure you are not held back by a cut or blister while unwinding. You might not use the kit at all, but if you end up needing it, you will be grateful that you brought it along.

3. Navigation tools

Navigation tools will come in handy during your trip, especially if you are unsure of where you are going. You can use your phone or tablet, GPS, or a map and compass. The compass will help you orient the map and locate your position, in case your GPS tool or phone fails. The ability to navigate using a map and a compass is vital, especially if you go off-trail. If you do not have the skills to use these tools, take classes on basic navigation techniques before your trip.

There are many more camping electronics and tools that you could need during camping, like a headlamp, mosquito repellent, camera, and a camping heater. You might not need all of them during the trip so you should prioritize what to carry, based on where you are going and the challenges that you might face out there.