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To enjoy a goodnight’s sleep in the woods, you require proper gear, and that starts with the right sleeping bag. Picking the right one can be complicated, mostly because there is a lot to consider, including warmth, comfort, packability, and weight. There is also a wide variety to choose from. Here are a few things to look out for when picking a camping sleeping bag

Insulation: Sleeping bags come either insulated with synthetic fill or down fill. The benefits of a synthetic insulated bag are that it is affordable, dries fast, non-allergenic, and continues to insulate when damp. A down insulated bag is lightweight, durable, performs well in any weather, is often water-resistant, and compresses well for easy packing.

Shape and size: Generally, any camper wants a bag that has adequate room to stretch and rollover. Sleeping bags come in the shapes of rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy, and double bag. The double sleeping bag is spacious and best suited for two people who intend to sleep together. There are also kid’s sleeping bags which are smaller and shorter than the regular sleeping bags. To know which bag will be ideal for you, visit a shop that sells the bags, and try them on to see which one is most comfortable for you.

Temperature: you should always pick a bag whose temperature is lower than the lowest nighttime temperature of your campsite. If you are camping during the cold months of the year, look for cold weather sleeping bags. While the temperature ratings of a sleeping bag are based on the average sleeper, it is essential to note that other factors that will affect the temperatures. These include humidity, your metabolism, and what you wear while sleeping, will affect the temperatures.

Other features you can look at when picking a bag include anti-snag zipper, stash pocket, sleeping bag hood, pillow pocket, and the bag’s fabric. When you consider all the factors discussed above when choosing a bag, you will be assured of efficiency and comfort while out there.