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The Emoji Domain Gold Rush

The Emoji Domain Gold Rush? Emoji domains are a new technology. There are many interesting companies laying the groundwork for this amazing industry. Weapon Depot is one of the trailblazers of this developing industry, using the pistol emoji 🔫 in order to enhance the social shopping experience of the marketplace. More later about how Weapon….

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Weapon Depot CEO Robert Sirianni Interviewed by Godaddy’s Jon Roig About Pistol Emoji Domain

Pistol Emoji Domain CEO Robert Sirianni opens up the Pistol Emoji Domain to all customers of WeaponDepot.com.  At the core of Weapon Depot is the belief in freedom and a free market.  Weapon Depot acquired the pistol emoji domain earlier this year.  The company plans to open up the use of the emoji to all….

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Check out our YouTube Channel Weapon Depot https://www.youtube.com/weapondepot

Pistol Emoji Domain For xn--bw8h.ws Free Giveaway Green Squirt Guns

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Weapon Depot to Open Pistol Emoji Domain for Customer Use http://🔫.ws

Weapon Depot Opens Gun Emoji Domain For  Customers  Weapon Depot uses new pistol Emoji URL to engage the hunting, camping, and shooting sports industry.  Last year Godaddy announced it build a search engine for Emoji URLs. The site is headed by Tech Developer Jon Roig. The Godaddy site helps customers register Emoji based domain names. ….


Weapon Depot to Use Pistol Emoji xn--bw8h.ws

So What Is a Pistol Emoji xn--bw8h.ws   Weapon Depot to use pistol emoji xn--bw8h.ws  for free squrt gun giveaway. Stay tuned for more updates on the gun emoji. Check out our free green squirt gun promotion for new users and vendors.