Information about RBM

  • Address: 6677 W Mina Lane, Dunnellon, FL, 34433
  • Status: Verified
  • Phone: 352-795-0135


Day Open/Close Open Close
Sunday Close N/A N/A
Monday Open 10:00 am 05:00 pm
Tuesday Open 10:30 am 05:00 pm
Wednesday Open 10:00 am 05:00 pm
Thursday Open 10:00 am 05:00 pm
Friday Open 10:00 am 05:00 pm
Saturday Close N/A N/A

Transfer Fees

Type Fee
Handgun Fee 25.00
Long Gun Fee 25.00
NICS Fee 25.00
Other Fee 75.00

What is an FFL?

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a license in the United States that enables an individual or a company to engage in a business pertaining to the manufacture or importation of firearms and ammunition, or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms.