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Lever Action Rifles for Sale

Thinking about the old time western movies brings back memories of the cowboy rifle, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, that old time lever action rifle never really went out of style. There is something about having a lever action at the ready that brings on a feeling of both the wild west and the feeling of excitement. Almost every shooter enjoys firing a 357 lever action or even a 44 mag lever action gun. Yes, blame it on the movies or just the fact that people like to shoot, but the cowboy rifle is forever popular, to say the least.

Two of the most requested and popular rifles are the Henry lever action 22 and the Marlin lever action. Both of these guns will fire without a hitch and are accurate too. As with every firearms , a lot of how the gun fires and what it’s bullet hits depends on the accuracy of the shooter. If you are really good at trick shooting and want to fire from the hip in true cowboy movie style, these cowboy rifles will do the trick with ease. The lever action rifle can work with the point and aim idea of true cowboy shooting but, only works if the person firing the gun is a real sharpshooter. This is why it is important to practice your skills.

As you may already know the selection of guns is amazing. There is the Henry lever action 22, a nice selection of Marlin lever action guns and other firearms like the 357 lever action and the 44 mag lever action. Regardless of which gun you pick, you will enjoy the idea of going out to the range and shooting it or using it for hunting or just killing snakes on the hiking trail. Yes the uses of lever action rifles are as wide and diverse as the people who use them.