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Single Shot Shotguns for Sale

Shotguns seem to be some of the most purchased firearms and with good reason too. Perhaps it is the fact that they are available in such a wide variety. When you think about the single shot shotgun there are a number of these guns that come to mind right away. You have the bolt action shotgun, which operates like other types of rifles when you slide the bolt in and out. You also have the 410 single shot which could be a break action shotgun. This is followed by a 12-bore shotgun, a 12 gauge single shot, or the popular Rossi 410 22 combo and this is all before we step up into the 20 gauge single shot.

WOW! That’s a selection of firearms, isn’t it? So, how do you know which single shot shotgun will be perfect for you? That is a great question and the answer is very simple too. The selection starts with the personal feelings and thoughts of the shooter. You have to think about how you will be using the single shot or break action shotgun in the first place. Will it be for target practice only or for hunting only or a combination of both hunting and target practice? Once you know, your use it is easier to make your selection.

The 410 single shot is popular for teens who are going hunting in their first few years because it is easy to handle. Many teens quickly step up to a 12-bore shotgun or a 20 gauge single shot very quickly after their first few years of responsible hunting and target shooting. The Rossi 410 22 combo is perfect for this too because it is a flexible firearm. As with all of the firearms, it is mostly about how the shooter will be using the gun and their personal preferences, so keep that in mind as you look through all the many shotguns for sale.