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What You Need To Know About Spinner And Buzz Baits

Spinner and buzz baits look very similar in design, which explains why most people don’t know the differences. The main difference in design is that spinners have a spoon attached above the arm while the buzz baits have a propeller blade above the lure arm. This is what makes the buzz baits suitable for topwater bass lure only while the spinnerbaits can be used in different ways.

Buzz baits are more effective during hot weather and are especially good at drawing bass from under during the day. The metal blade found in many buzz baits disrupts the surface water as it spins when being retrieved. This, in turn, causes bass to follow it. You, however, have to reel the metal blade at high speed to help it remain on top. Buzz baits can cover a large area quickly since they are topwater lures and can be thrown into dense cover and not get hooked. This makes them perfect when locating bass in water.

Spinnerbaits are a little more complicated than buzz baits. They produce excellent results regardless of which time of the year they are used. You can use them for fishing the bottom, middle, and top of the water column. They are especially ideal for fishing in shallow cover on cloudy and windy days when buzz baits cannot be used. Spinnerbaits have blades that cause water vibrations and are used for a slow or medium retrieve. Underhand casting works for both spinnerbaits and buzz baits to reduce the noise produced when the lure enters the water.

You can find quality spinnerbait box containing selected spinner baits online. Ensure you buy from reputable sources. More importantly, learn how to use spinner and buzz baits.