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The Best Outboard Boat Motor

The fishing boat and the outboard motor determine chances of success in your fishing endeavor. It is therefore essential to invest time and money to ensure you get the best outboard motor. You should take time to review different outboard motors for sale to ensure you pick a reliable one for your fishing boat.

Outboard Motor Power
As a rule of thumb, you will require five horsepower per ton. With this in mind, you can calculate the motor power required to power your fishing boat. Buy reputable motor brands like Suzuki outboards and Yamaha outboards that are strong enough to match your fishing style. A powerful motor is necessary when fishing in rough waters and headwinds. For small boats, invest in a small outboard motor that provides enough thrust required when fishing.

Speed is an essential factor when choosing boat motor. If you need a high-speed fishing boat, invest in a powerful mercury outboard motor. Pay attention to the boat size, hull design, nature of the fishing area and the cargo you need to carry.

Engine Type
Most anglers are torn between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. The debates between the two engine options have been ongoing. The truth is that both types are good, depending on the type of boat you have. 2-stroke engines are lighter, but they tend to generate noise and vibration. They are not suitable for low-speed and trotting. The 4-stroke engines are massive, quieter and offer better speed control than the 2-stroke engines.

Manual And Electric Start
You can choose between manual and electric start depending on your needs and budget. Outboard motors make starting the engine easy, but you will require a quality marine cracking battery. You will also have to pay more for the motor. Regardless of the motor type you choose, ensure you buy from reputable online sources.