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Saltwater Conventional Reel

Want to start fishing in saltwater? You will have to invest in a saltwater reel. You see, saltwater contains harsh elements that can destroy freshwater reels and most conventional reels in a short amount of time. However, saltwater reels are made of special metals that don’t corrode easily. In this section, we will share with you a list of the best saltwater reels that you should consider.

Shimano Reels
Shimano reels are some of the best saltwater conventional reels you will find out there. They come with an IPX6 water resistance rating, which means even if they accidentally fall in saltwater, they will be fine. The reel is also strong and durable. You can use it to catch nearly any type of fish.

Daiwa Saltist Reels
This is another workhorse that you should consider if you like fishing in saltwater. These reels are practically indestructible. They come with an aluminum housing that helps protect it from harsh elements and saltwater.

Penn Saltwater Reels
Penn saltwater reels also come with an IPX6 water resistance rating, which helps protect them from corrosive saltwater elements. They also come with a smooth aluminum build. This is another proof that they can handle whatever saltwater throws at them.

Sure, there are other fishing rods out there that perform well in saltwater, but the ones mentioned above are time tested and used by many seasoned anglers. If you are fishing in saltwater, you should invest in one of them. You won’t be disappointed. But before you go, here is something you should always keep in mind. The fact that these reels are saltwater resistant doesn’t mean that you should submerge them in water. Keep your rod out of the water and make sure you rinse it off after each day out.