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The Best Trolling Reels

Many people are familiar with spinning reels and other types of reels but have never used the trolling reels. Trolling involves pulling a line behind your boat, using a single or multiple lures. With various lures, you can cover a lot of water space and increase chances of catching fish. You should lower your boat using either a manual or electric line counter and ensure your baits and vessels are at least 20feet to 150 feet apart. While trolling reels are similar to baitcasting reels, their spool line capacity is bigger. When buying trolling reels, it is essential to know what to look out for to pick the best trolling reels. Here are the factors to consider:

For efficiency, you need a drag that functions smoothly without jerking as the fish fights back. Although a good rod will absorb a lot of energy, a multi-disk drag will provide the smoothest control when you are handling big fish. Star drag adjustments located next to the handle are the most convenient to use.

Line Capacity
Line capacity becomes an issue when you are targeting fish that can strip a spool, and this happens mostly in saltwater. If you are fishing in freshwater, you might not encounter this challenge. For serious freshwater depths, however, you may need a strong fishing line. Before deciding on line capacity, take time to evaluate your fishing needs.

A clicker is useful for providing a signal that line is paying out. Therefore, you want to have a clicker that is loud enough to be heard over the engine noise and any other background noise. If the clicker is barely audible, you might not hear it.

Trolling reels are generally made from graphite, cast aluminum, or machined aluminum. Graphite is lighter, weaker, and cheaper. Cast aluminum is stronger and reliable. The reels made of machined aluminum are best suited for fighting big fish. They withstand wear, tear, and premature breakdown.