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Features Of A Good Trolling Rod

Trolling is the act of dragging the baits and lures through the water to attract and catch fish. Trolling can help you attract tuna, walleye, marlin, bass and salmon, and trout. You need to use specific baits, lures and trolling rods for the best outcomes.

The concept behind trolling is mimicking the movement of the small fish to attract other fish species. It is crucial to note that you should reel in the lures at a specific speed depending on the target fish. Here are the key features of a quality trolling rod.

Strong And Durable
Trolling attracts large fish, and you need to invest in a heavy-duty trolling rod. The wait of the target fish and dragging the bait through water adds stress to the trolling rod. Ensure you pick a heavy-duty rod that will withstand the weight.

A perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility is necessary for trolling. A pole that is reasonably stiff and bends slowly works best. A fishing rod that is too flexible is challenging to control. You also need to pay attention to the target fish because crappie trolling rods are different from walleye trolling rods.

Top Mounted Reel
One of the challenges of trolling is controlling the fishing rod. Invest in a pole that has a reel at the top especially if you an inexperienced. You will have an easy time controlling the line and catching your target fish regardless of your level of experience.

Butt Ends
When choosing trolling rods for sale, focus on those with the butt end. They sit securely in the socket. You can choose between bent and straight butts depending on your preferred fishing style. The bent butt is best for boat trolling, but the straight one suit different applications.

Buying trolling rods is easy when you know the essential features. Don’t make a mistake of purchasing any trolling rod that comes your way. Pay attention to the crucial elements we have highlighted to pick the best trolling rod for you.