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Fly Fishing Essentials

Fly fishing is one of the most thrilling sports once you master the basics. Apart from catching the fish, it is refreshing since it exposes you to the serenity, peace and satisfaction associated with nature. Fly fishing also challenges you to outsmart your target fish as they struggle for survival.

If you are new to fly fishing, it involves catching fish using fly rods. You need to buy quality fly fishing kits for a successful fly fishing trip. The fly usually resembles fish, vertebrates or crustaceans in terms of size, shape, color, form and movement. The principle behind fly fishing idea could be overwhelming for beginners. Here are different fly fishing variations.

Dry Fly Fishing
In this type of fly fishing, the angler uses a buoyant fly that mimics aquatic insect to attract and catch fish. The artificial fly is designed to float without being affected by normal water currents. It is easy to see the striking fish because most of the fly is bright and visible.

Wet Fly Fishing
Wet fly fishing involves the use of artificial fly that sinks. If you only have the buoyant fly, add weight to make it drop to the desired depth. Let the fly drift at the same pace as the subsurface water currents.

Streamer Fly Fishing
This involves the use of a baitfish fly. The idea is to swing the fly across the water currents to attract the target fish. Your retrieval pace needs to be rapid to stimulate the predatory instincts of the fish. Streamers should mimic minnows or juvenile game fish and are used for large fish species.

Fly Fishing Gear
You need several fly fishing supplies. They include a fly fishing rod, fly fishing reels, fishing line and fishing flies. When buying the fishing line and rod, pay attention to the weight and length. A fly fishing combo is the best for beginners. You can find all these at an online fly fishing shop.