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Tips For Buying Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing rods have undergone improvements over the past few years. Modern fly fishing rods are light, sturdy, and offer better casting. Beginners and experienced anglers alike can use modern fly fishing rods. We have compiled a few guiding tips to help you pick the best fly rods.

Most fly rods are made of carbon fiber. They are outfitted with quality resin to form a slim cone referred to as blank. It is then fitted with a cork handle and a reel seat. The guides are also reinforced with transparent resin for protection against weather elements. Fly rods for sale have different line ratings, lengths, prices, and actions.

Fly Rod Weight
Fly rods fall in different weight classes based on the standard classification system. A six-weight fly rod, for instance, means that it can be used with a 6w standard fly line. How do you know the perfect fly rod weight? You need to pay attention to the target fish species, type of water, weather conditions, and the size of fly. If you are fishing in saltwater, invest in quality saltwater fly rod. For large fish species, choose heavy fly rods.

Fly Rod Length
Fly rods come in lengths ranging from 6’ to 15.’ If you are a beginner, you should avoid fly rods under 7 feet and above 10 feet. It is advisable to choose a fly rod between 8’ and 9’ for general uses. If you are fishing in restricted spaces, invest in a short rod under 7’ even though beginners experience difficulties using them. The longer fly fishing rods are suitable for open water fishing.

Fly Rod Material
The advancement of fly rod technologies has resulted in a range of fly rod materials. Graphite fly rods are ideal for physically demanding areas because they are sturdy, sensitive and durable. The fiberglass fly rods are suitable for small dry flies and light dropper rigs. The fiberglass rods are heavier than graphite rods. Lastly, you can invest in bamboo fly rods for slow casting action. Read reviews from users before making purchases.