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Choosing Fishing Sinkers

Fish sinkers or weights are a must-have when you go out fishing. Why? With a fishing weight, you can force a lure or bait to sink to depths where fish thrive. Now that you know why you should be able to invest in a fishing weight. Here’s a guide that will help you select the best fishing weight on the market.

Types of Sinkers
Fishing weights come in different shapes and sizes. There are three main types of sinkers: egg sinkers, bank sinkers, and rubber core. Egg weights are round, oblong fishing weights with a hole through the middle. This type of weight could be an excellent choice if you are fishing using live bait. Its design allows live bait to move about more naturally.

Bank weights comes with a teardrop shape. The design ensures the sinker sinks to the bottom and the lure swims above it. A bank weight is what you would use if you are fishing offshore or in a current. Rubber core weights are designed to go right above the swivel. If you are looking for a fishing weight that is easy to use, you can never go wrong with rubber core weights. Their design makes it easy to add to or remove from your fishing line.

Most fishing weights are made of lead. However, some weights are made using other heavy metals such as bismuth and tungsten. Whether you choose lead, bismuth, or tungsten fishing weights, ensure the weights you pick are coated and won’t release lead and other toxins into the water. It is crucial to note that some fishing grounds have outlawed the use of lead fishing weights. So, before you go looking for sinkers for sale, conduct thorough research to find out if lead weights are allowed in your region.

Having the right fishing weight can mean the difference between taking home a big catch and catching nothing. The guide we have provided above will help you choose a weight that complements your fishing style.