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Improve Your SEO Using Weapon Depot’s Community Blog

Did you know that 68% of online experience starts with a search engine, and 82% of online marketers believe that SEO effectiveness is rising?

A successful SEO content marketing strategy and implementation can help you gain traffic, impressions, and meaningful backlinks to increase your eCommerce sales and scale your business to new heights.

There are two important components of a strong SEO strategy—keywords and backlinks.

With the introduction of multiple advanced tools that can deliver tailored keywords that eCommerce brands on their websites can use, it’s difficult to get quality backlinks to increase domain authority.

There’s a saying in the industry that SEO is dead, and the big guns have taken higher rankings in the SERPs, but that’s because of their higher domain authority.

Because of low quality and inconsistent supply of backlinks, small- or medium-scale businesses cannot increase their domain authority on different search engines and blame SEO saturation for low traffic volumes and organic conversion rate.

41% of the large companies consider link building as a difficult SEO tactic, but 80% of the SEO professionals agree that link building is one of the effective tactics to strengthen domain authority.

A powerful backlinking strategy is syndication or republishing your old content on different websites that can help you strengthen your brand presence and SEO score.

But republishing the same content on different websites can negatively affect your SERP rankings. You need to filter the selected platforms where syndication can be impactful and help you increase the SEO for your eCommerce business.

We wanted to highlight different tactics to create unique SEO content for eCommerce businesses and how Weapon Depot’s community blog can help you gain powerful backlinks by syndicating your blog content.



SEO content for eCommerce can increase the brand’s connection with the audience and its authority and credibility in the industry.

Businesses need to go beyond using powerful target keywords and long-tail keywords and focus on getting quality do-follow backlinks to increase their SERP rankings for different keywords.

Multiple tactics and strategies effectively gain backlinks and publish SEO content on the web ecosystem to gain traffic, but following the tactics consistently and with finesse separates the winners.

This whitepaper focuses on how an eCommerce brand can create effective SEO-focused content and increase its domain authority. We also discuss how businesses facing issues with syndicating blog content can use the Weapon Depot community blog to strengthen their backlinking strategy.

Here, we will highlight the importance of publishing unique online content and gaining SEO backlinks that can help you increase eCommerce sales and drive loads of organic traffic.

The whitepaper is well prepared with hours of research and our expertise in the SEO industry, which helped us boost our firearms website domain authority and SEO score.

We have decided to create a platform for your eCommerce business to increase the SEO score and get quality backlinks by republishing your old content on Weapon Depot’s community blog.

Our focus is to help your eCommerce website gain organic traffic and increase the conversion rate while using the most powerful SEO strategy effectively with our assistance.


How to Successfully Publish Unique Online Content and Gain SEO Backlinks? 

Multiple ways can be used to publish content online to increase the number and quality of SEO backlinks.

Backlinks are considered an important factor in enhancing SERP rankings and establishing a strong internet foundation.

Here we’ll highlight the importance of backlinks and then focus on how to publish online content to gain SEO backlinks.


Types of backlinks

The link’s value depends on the authority of the linking site, no follow status, do-follow status, and the on-site location.

If a backlink passes on the authority to your website, it can help you with the SEO, termed do-follow linking. It helps you improve the website domain authority or rating to enhance the SERP results.

By default, the links are do-follow, but if the third-party website decides to change the authority criteria, they can add rel=“nofollow” in the HTML code and convert it to a no-follow link.

A link that does not pass authority to your website does not help you in SEO and is called a no-follow link.

Apart from these basic terminologies related to backlinks, different backlinks can boost your SEO, such as:


Guest blogging backlinks

They are the easiest and preferred ways to gain backlinks for your eCommerce site. When you post SEO-focused content on a high-quality website, you can grab the opportunity to add an editorial backlink to your website.

You need to fulfill the desired requirements of the high-quality website and get in touch with their team to fulfill your backlink goals to build authority and trust.

Guest blogging backlinks can help you increase your domain authority and ensure that you can increase the organic traffic supply.

If you don’t want to guest post, you can try content syndication, which can help you increase your reach and drive a new audience. We’ll discuss more content syndication, but let’s now focus on backlinks.


Editorial backlinks

The editorial backlink is another powerful type of backlink that can help you increase your SEO score and ensure that you can achieve your organic traffic goals with finesse.

Editorial backlink means when an authoritative website wants to link high-quality content on your website. The focus of getting the link is to support the work and share vital information with the people.

Many SEO marketers focus on getting editorial links to their websites by creating shareable and strong content that can make it easier for the audience to understand the specific content related to your industry.

You can showcase your expertise in the industry and share insights that have never been shared on the internet to get quality editorial backlinks. You can also reach out to different news portals or other powerful websites to extract an editorial backlink.


Relationship-based backlinks

If you have a strong relationship with journalists or webmasters, you can extract editorial backlinks that can be termed relationship-based backlinks.

The higher authorities can refer to your website while publishing their content to help you increase the domain authority and channel their traffic to your website to increase business sales.

You can also pitch your high-quality content to the journalists or webmasters to help them with their content requirements and extract a relationship-based backlink.

These backlinks are highly important for your SEO strategy in 2022 because of the saturation in the industry and quick access to popular keywords.


Why Are Backlink Strategy and Publishing Unique Online Content Crucial?

Backlinks are created when a different website links back to your website. Third-party websites link to another website for further explanation or endorse the site that can demonstrate to search engines that the site is an authority.

The quality and quantity of these backlinks affect your SERP rankings; if you have a better link authority, it can result in better search engine rankings.

If you want to drive more traffic, you need to climb to the first page of search engine results because that’s where the organic traffic is.

And the top results on Google have 380% additional backlinks compared to others in the top 10 list of the search result for a keyword.

If we boil it down, if you want to climb the search engine rankings for different keywords, high-quality backlinks are the need of the hour for driving great SEO results.

Getting a backlink from other websites with a high authority score can provide trust from the high-authority sites.

But getting great quality backlinks is not easy. You need to follow a specific set of strategies and ensure that the quality of your content is better than others in the competition.

You need to research your SEO content marketing strategy in depth and focus on creating unique and professional content for your audience.

If there is saturation in the basic content related to your eCommerce business, focus on upgrading the quality and information of the content.

Use different social media and other communication channels to drive traffic to your blogs to make the search engine spiders and crawlers aware of the increased traffic.

That’s not it; you need to follow multiple link-building strategies that can help you attract quality do-follow links, and quality content has a major role in implementing those strategies.


How to Get High-Quality Backlinks?

Out of hundreds of link-building strategies, we have tried to emphasize the quality backlinking strategies that can help you extract link juices for your eCommerce website and increase your organic traffic.


1. Reach out to bloggers and reporters

New sites and high-authority blogging sites are the best sources to build quality backlinks that can assist you to rank on the first page of search engines.

You can use free services called HARO or Help a Reporter Out to connect you with journalists and bloggers who need quality content and exchange a quality backlink to increase your domain authority.

But it’s not easy to avail of the HARO services because multiple content writers and websites send their brief about the best content pieces to the journalists or top bloggers, and only a few can get the desired results.

But once you get the backlink, it’s the best way to increase the quality of your domain. You need to register as a source for HARO services and then choose a free or paid plan to access the content requests where you can contribute.

You need to send the blogger or journalist a very brief and insightful pitch that can help you grab the attention of the reviewers and include your contribution to the blog.

The link can help you strengthen your SEO score, but you need to create premium quality content that adds value to the journalist or blogger’s requirements. 

2. Skyscraper content works

Skyscraper content is highly long-form content with valuable insights that can help you grab excellent backlink opportunities in the long run.

It can help you get quality backlinks from authority sites to increase your SEO score and assist the search engines in ranking you better.

You need to ensure that the skyscraper content has complete information and helps the audience better understand the subject matter.

An excellent way to create and publish SEO-rich skyscraper content is by finding content related to your industry that’s doing great in terms of backlinks (it’s usually the first link that’s ranking for a website).

Now you need to create content that’s 10x better than the content piece with great quality backlinks.

It will be difficult for you to create quality content that can surpass the highest-ranked blog article, but it will be worth it.

Once you start to get a little traffic, the quality of the content can help you increase the shares and the backlinks provided by different sites over time.

You need to promote the skyscraper content that can help you stand out and grab the attention of the content writers for different websites in the industry.

Firstly, you can start your promotion by sharing the content with the people mentioned in your post. Try to avoid spamming, and ensure that the quality of the reach remains intact so that people are happy sharing your content and their mentions with their audience.

The more shares your posts get, the better the engagement and better the visibility on the web. It can increase the chances of people choosing your content as a source and giving you quality links for the hard work.


3. Use outdated resources

You can spot outdated or broken links on top sites and help them change the links with your quality content that can add freshness to the authoritative site and help you increase the quality of the user experience they offer to their customers.

You can find sites in your industry that have moved to a new URL, changed names, shut down, stopped updating a resource, or stopped offering a service. You can reach out to the people who are still linking to the outdated links and help them improve the quality of the links.

Also, you need to find sites still linking to outdated or old URLs to help them replace the links. Once done, find the links pointing to the specific website or page that has been rebranded or no longer exists.

Check all the sites in your industry linked to the old URLs using a powerful backlink checking tool available in the industry.

You’ll get a few opportunities that can help you land a backlink. Try to focus on the sites with higher domain authority to increase the quality of the backlinks.

Once you have spotted the broken, outdated links, you need to reach out to people and give them a quick heads up about the broken or outdated links.

Try to gently suggest that you replace the outdated or broken link with your quality content that’s unique and better than the previously linked content piece.

You can add value twice to the higher authority website by informing about the outdated or broken and helping them with the content upgrade.


4. Use proven content formats

A recent study by BuzzSumo stated that 94% of online content gets zero links. And the remaining content that gets good quality backlinks has a set content format that can help them get the attention required to get high-quality backlinks.

Content formats like,“What” posts, “Why” posts, videos, and infographics have a predefined understanding of what the reader can expect and has the caliber to attract quality backlinks.

But if you only focus on the content formats and don’t improve the quality of the content, you’ll minimize the chances of getting premium quality backlinks.


5. Focus on guides

The primary way to increase your site rankings is to build high-quality backlinks and make other sites link to your content.

You can achieve quality backlinks by creating ultimate guides that cover nitty-gritty elements related to a specific topic.

A comprehensive content guide contains a lot of content that can give people different insights about a topic, help them use the information from your content piece, and provide you with a backlink.

Also, according to research, long-form content performs better with SEO rankings and organic traffic.

Creating a go-to resource for a particular topic can entice the writers to link to your blog whenever they write content related to that topic.

You can start creating ultimate guides by finding a suitable topic in which you can show your expertise, which hasn’t been covered to the death. Then start with the outline for your ultimate guide and focus on including all the topics you can cover for the subject.

Then write the ultimate guide, or if you have outsourced your content writing work, ask the writer to cover everything related to the topic so that it becomes the definitive source of information for the readers.

These backlinking strategies are useful if you have quality content to fuel your approach to increase your eCommerce website rankings and stand out from the rest.

Multiple businesses post content, and if their content doesn’t perform great, they stop posting content and blame SEO as an ineffective marketing approach.

They ignore the backlinking strategy and term it one of the most difficult tactics. But if we talk of a simple and easy content marketing strategy that can help you drive great traffic, there’s nothing better than content syndication.


How to Syndicate Blog Content and Improve Your eCommerce Sales?

Content syndication is the approach to republish your content on different third-party sites. It can provide you with content legs that can increase the reach of thousands of readers and strengthen your presence on the internet.

You can increase the chances of more conversions on your eCommerce website, and it can drive in more revenue and profits.

Content syndication is different from guest posting because it is easily scalable. You write a blog post and publish it on your eCommerce website and then republish it on different third-party websites that let you leverage the same content at different times and increase the visibility and reach of the content.

Whereas with guest posting, the approach is not scalable unless the site has a list of web content syndication partners. You can write interesting content for a popular website, but that post can just sit there, and you can’t reuse that because of plagiarism issues.

Content syndication is highly effective because new audiences can see your blog posts, and it channels traffic back to your website to increase the chances of conversions and sales.

But how can you start the process for SEO-friendly content syndication? Have a look.


Step 1 – Start Posting

Once you have published your blog on your website, you can start with your content syndication efforts. But the chances are minimal that big blogging sites will be directly open to post your content on their websites for content syndication.

You need to try to master the art of web content syndication unless you are an authority in your niche.

You can look for different blogs that accept guest postings in your niches by searching “niche + write with us.”

This keyword can help you shortlist the top sites where you can start your content syndication process to magnify the reach of your content.


Step 2 – Choose Web Content Syndication Partners

Multiple sites are open to content syndication. You need to filter the list of websites where you can post your content and focus on increasing your content reach.

Multiple websites have different standards set for content posting; you need to ensure that you can follow those standards to get your content posted.

The bigger the website, the higher the quality standards. Ensure that the quality of your blog content is exquisite and the details are easy to understand.


Step 3 – Reach to Your Shortlisted Content Syndication Partners

But before your content is posted and the standards are checked, you need to contact the shortlisted websites and ensure that the target site syndicates content.

You can also look for an attribution message on the selected website to confirm that they are open for content syndication.

Terms like “originally appeared on” can give you a great idea about the website and whether or not the shortlisted content syndication partner can accept your content or not.


Step 4 – SEO Proofing 

There is a fear with content syndication that it might create a duplicate content issue that may harm your SERP rankings and overall domain authority.

But Google chooses to show the version of your syndicated content that the algorithms think is more appropriate for the user based on the search query. It may or may not align with your preferred version.

Suppose if you syndicate content on Medium, and your domain authority is comparatively less than Medium, then Google will rank Medium higher than your website when a user searches a primary keyword for that content.

You have no control over the version Google chooses to show the audience, and it’s highly possible that your original content can get outranked by the syndicated content.

You can choose to do a few things to avoid complications with syndicated posts.

Tag a post or page with a rel=canonical tag to link Google’s AI to the original content source. If a content syndication site adds the rel=canonical tag to your published post, they’ll channel Google towards the source of your content.

It assists Google in choosing which version to show when the duplication of content takes place. The tag also provides you benefits from all of the links that a syndicate network or the syndicate copy attracts.

Content syndication has become mainstream, and Google’s algorithms are becoming sharper. So you need to choose content syndication with care to ensure your eCommerce website achieves the desired SEO goals.

Apart from rel=canonical tag, if a content syndicate partner tags your post as “NoIndex,” Google’s bots don’t index it.

It can prevent the syndicated copy from showing up in the search, which can help you gain the traffic that might get diverted to the website where the syndicate content got posted.

You can ask the sites if they are willing to use the “NoIndex” tag for your version of the content. But use this method only if you feel that your organic search engine traffic can be eaten up by the website you posted your content on.

We recommend you prefer rel=canonincal tag between these tags because search engines like Google are great at interpreting this tag.

If the content syndication partner doesn’t agree with using these tags, then ask them for an attribution message and a do-follow backlink to your site.

You should index your original content first and then wait for a few weeks to reach out for content syndication. It can help you gain decent organic traffic to fulfill your eCommerce business goals.


Step 5 – Syndicate Content Regularly

If you want to extract fruitful results from content syndication, you need to increase the frequency of connecting with syndication partners for content uploads.

Focus on maximizing the frequency, and ensure that you build a strong syndication network to increase the content reach and brand presence and boost your eCommerce business sales.

Set up a regular arrangement for content syndication with the publisher, and work to ensure that your syndicate partner republishes some of your content every week or month.

These are the in-depth techniques and steps to republish your content and extract valuable juices from syndicate partners.

Now that you understand the core of content syndication, you can filter down the top platforms where you can syndicate content without connecting with the website representative and ensure smooth republishing.


Top Examples of Places to Syndicate your Blog Content

There are multiple ways and websites available on the internet where you can republish your content and ensure that you achieve your desired eCommerce business targets with finesse.

Here are the top examples of places where you can syndicate your blog content.





It is one of the most diverse and unique networks and community platforms on the internet that can increase the reach of your content. It contains subreddits that are forms based on a particular topic or interest.

It has over 48 million users and 2.8 million subreddits, making it a great network to explore engagement and diversity.

You can create a Reddit account and start connecting with the community related to your industry. You can share meaningful insights related to your industry.

You need to ensure that you have expertise in your industry because the community you’ll join is aware of the industry and its basic aspects.

Getting your basics clear and talking about the advanced information and topics can help you connect with the audience deeply and syndicate your content with finesse on Reddit.

You can gain organic, high-quality leads for your content piece because syndicating content on Reddit can tap the subreddit and the community interested in the industry you are talking about.

You can join different subreddits based on your industry to increase your community’s horizon connect where you can syndicate your content.






It’s a content discovery site that can serve content related to the user’s interests. A user can sign up and choose their interests to get content recommendations related to their interests.

The website doesn’t host content; rather, it channels the users to different websites that can help fulfill the requirement of extracting knowledge about the interest.

You can submit your link to be “stumbled upon.” The website can then share your content with users based on your selected niche.

If the content shared by you gets more thumbs-up from the users on the platform, it will be pushed more by the platform, which can scale your syndicated content’s reach.

You can regularly create syndicated content that can be shared on StumbleUpon, where the niche audience can go through your content and get value from it.


LinkedIn and Facebook



LinkedIn and Facebook have become the powerhouse social media channels compared to the initial days of their journey. Both platforms aggregate content on their platforms, making it hard for users to leave.

You can syndicate your content on Facebook Instant Articles, which enables you to host content on Facebook. The experience of these articles is great because of zero load time, and you can increase the reach of your content among the Facebook community.

LinkedIn Pulse articles offer a similar experience, but the platform is only filled with business professionals, so you need to tailor the content according to their niche and requirements to make content syndication effective on LinkedIn.

If your business page has large followings on the platform, you can leverage Facebook and LinkedIn to syndicate your content and increase the reach of your content.

You can also content in different groups on these platforms where a niche-specific community interacts on different topics. If you can provide consistent value to those groups, you can syndicate your content in the groups and channel a high-quality audience to your eCommerce platform.

It can help you increase the chances of conversion because the community is aware of the problem and might want to purchase the solutions you want to offer.



If we talk about content syndication, Quora is a popular way used by businesses to channel the audience to their websites. It’s the leading question and answer platform on the internet and has a higher domain authority.

Quora is not limited to some specific industries or niches; you can get a wide range of questions and answers on the platform related to different niches and audiences.

You can create a professional user account and interact on the platform, answering questions related to your industry.

If some questions are related to the blog content you have written, you can syndicate the content and ask the audience to read the full-length article on your business page. It can help you channel the audience on Quora towards your page.

You can get a few backlinks from Quora, and because of its higher domain authority, it can rank higher for specific keywords or questions the web user asks.

The quality of your answers should be great to attract the audience to Quora. Once you start getting upvotes for your answer, the platform will rank your answer higher than others and grab the eyeballs of users looking for an answer to a particular question.

With more user attention, you can increase the chances of channeling traffic to your eCommerce website, increasing your sales and profits.





Medium is another powerful content syndication platform that can help you syndicate long-form content and channel the audience to your website. You can syndicate lengthy blog posts and contribute to the subject on the platform.

You can connect with your niche audience on Medium and channel them to your website by including the link to your blog post at the end of your post.


Multiple businesses use Medium as a platform to syndicate content and increase the reach of the content. It can also rank higher than new sites as it has a higher domain authority.

Medium allows you to create an account to syndicate your content with direct links to your blogs. Once you can maintain consistency, you’ll create a strong presence on the platform and assist your website in increasing business sales and achieving desired business outcomes. is a quality content discovery platform for businesses and marketers that offer content tools to curate new content for the audience on the platform.

You can submit your links and enable the tool to suggest your content to the users. The tool pushes your syndicate content to different users’ interests in your business niche to gain insightful learnings.

You can increase the reach of your original content using as the platform has a decent audience base.

These are the examples of places where you can syndicate your content to increase your reach and brand awareness. You can channel the audience from these platforms to your primary site to increase the chances of conversions.

These syndicate platforms don’t impact your SEO rankings and help you achieve your business targets with finesse. But apart from these, Weapon Depot has also created a community blog portal where you can syndicate your content and increase your product sales.


Why Weapon Depot’s Open Blog Platform Allows for Successful Product Sales?

Due to the limited access to platforms that support content syndication, we wanted to create a platform that can assist eCommerce brands from different niches to increase their content reach and scale their sales.

Our focus is to minimize the requirements for content syndication and maximize the results to help businesses strengthen their presence in the online industry. We want to create a holistic environment where our users and your business can get a quality experience using Weapon Depot’s community blog.

Using content syndication, you can create an account on Weapon Depot’s platform and successfully increase your product sales. We can also help you extract quality backlinks that can increase the domain authority and SEO score of your website.

You can take our assistance to strengthen your SEO presence in the industry and stand out from the rest. You can connect with our audience, who trust online platforms to buy products and want to gain knowledge and specific insights based on their interest.

Break the chains of old SEO and boring strategies and focus on link-building and content syndication with the help of Weapon Depot.