Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit #1, Police EMS Military LE, OD Green

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You are buying a brand new, unused, sealed Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit. This is a must have for anyone that carries concealed or hunts or just shoots for sport.

Tactical Trauma Kit #1



Designed by a former pararescueman to be used by those who may find themselves in the line of fire; police, military, tactical groups and hunters. Easy access to all essential items in an emergency.

Two large straps with snaps at one end to attach to a belt up to 5″ wide. Can be worn in any other location with additional Alice clips (not included). Shrink wrapped with contents list.

Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
Bleedstop bandage 1 Elastic bandage 4″ 1
Sterile sponge 4″x4″ 6 Bandage strip 3″ 16
SS tweezers 1 EMT shears 1
Abdominal pad 5″x9″ 1 First aid instructions 1
Safety pins 6 Pair latex gloves 1
Pain reliever/Apsirin 4 Tape 1
Antiseptic BZK wipes 6 Triangular bandage 1
Butterfly closure strips 5 Ammonia inhalants 2
Burn gel package 1  

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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