Technical Specs_x000D_ _x000D_ Titanium sleeve_x000D_ Isonited 416R Stainless Steel_x000D_ ATLAS 5_x000D_ For 5.56 (22 cal) 1/2-28 threading_x000D_ Length: 2.56"_x000D_ Weight: 4.1 oz_x000D_ Diameter: 1"_x000D_ ATLAS 6.5_x000D_ For 6.5 or 6mm caliber 5/8-24 threading_x000D_ Length: 3"_x000D_ Weight: 4.4 oz_x000D_ Diameter: 1"_x000D_ ATLAS 7_x000D_ For 7.62 (30 cal) 5/8-24 threading_x000D_ Length: 3.06"_x000D_ Weight: 4.39 oz_x000D_ ATLAS 9_x000D_ For 9mm AR builds_x000D_ Choose from 1/2-28 threading or 1/2-36_x000D_ Length:2.5"_x000D_ Weight:3.9oz_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_

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