Weapon Depot's Guide for Sellers to Manage a Thriving Store

Managing a store on Weapon Depot is easy. It just takes some time and skill to keep things running smoothly. With some work, you can create a fluid customer experience. Understanding the basics of a multi-vendor management system will ensure that your customers are happy and keep buying from you.

This guide is designed to help store managers manage a multi-vendor store so you can make sure your business is organized. We want to help you run your store smoothly.

Why Create a Store On Weapon Depot?

There are many reasons to create an online store with Weapon Depot. Multi-vendor stores offer unique possibilities that are not available to single vendor stores. Multi-vendor stores create an environment that a single vendor store can’t compete with. Multi-vendor stores leverage the power of the crowd.

Multi-vendor stores allow you to sell anything. The possibilities are near endless. For example, on Weapondepot.com, sellers can choose between Fishing, Hunting, Camping or Firearm and Ammo categories.

By welcoming many vendors from a variety of business types, Weapondepot.com allows you to offer products to many new consumers. Multiple vendors can also help increase traffic to the store. Weapondepot.com acts as a moderatorto help you supply your products to consumers from all over the world.

There are no fees to start a store. Starting a store is FREE.

Our aim is to create a wealth of benefits for our sellers. You can take advantage of existing site traffic on Weapon Depot to get better visibility.

Unique Challenges of a Multi-Vendor Store

We want you to create a successful store. We also want you to know the challenges of creating a store and selling on a multi-vendor platform like Weapondepot.com.

If you have experience managing a single-vendor store, you might think the switch to a selling on a multi-vendor ecosystem will be seamless. We want to describe the difference between selling on a single website vs selling on a multi-vendor platform like Weapon Depot.

There are several differences to running a store with multiple vendors. Here are the major ones:

More than one vendor

If you run an e-commerce site, you are accustomed to selling products to consumers that choose to visit your site. With a multi-vendor store, your brand will be alongside other sellers. The most obvious difference is there are more customers that visit your store on a multi-vendor platform like Weapondepot.com. We keep track of our vendors to make sure only the best sellers are represented on Weapondepot.com. This includes making sure sellers are on top of inventory, sales, and shipping. If a vendor is lagging behind, we make sure to contact the vendor to keep up with inventory for the overall health of the site and for a wonderful customer experience.

Vendors come to Weapondepot.com with their own way of transacting business. We aim to gather all the unique vendors under one store front so that all sellers are successful—the job of Weapon Depot is to help vendors sell as much as possible as easily as possible.

We want our sellers to be happy and we have a duty at Weapon Depot to set you, as the seller, up for success.

Quality control of products, product images, and shipping

Inventory management is the responsibility of the sellers. Weapon Depot created backend, management tools to help you with inventory. Also, since inventory is your responsibility, you are also in charge of shipping.

Weapon Depot wants to make sure the quality of products offered by the sellers is superior. We also want product images and shipping to be as seamless as possible.

In addition, we ask our vendors to make sure that product image quality is good. Blurry or fuzzy photos not only make it hard to see what the product looks like, they make your storefront site look poorly put together.

Components of a Multi-Vendor Store

Customers gravitate to stores that have clear policies, consistent shipping, and products that are in stock. So keep on top of your inventory. You can drive sales by keeping on top of inventory management and providing your customers with a better experience.

Weapon Depot admin support is here to make sure you are successful. If there are any tasks which require assistance, please contact Admin to help you insert products or serve your customers. We want to reduce the time you spend on maintaining your store so you can obtain more sales and revenue for your store and business.

We don’t want to confuse visitors to Weapon Depot, so when you upload a product to sell, make sure the product is consistent with the line of goods other sellers offer in our marketplace. For example, a “washer and dryer” may not be the best item to sell on Weapon Depot. It may confuse buyers and drive traffic away from your store and the other stores on Weapon Depot. An “AK-47” Rifle would be a perfect item to sell on Weapon Depot.

Managing Inventory

The first step to having a successful multi-vendor store is adding products and having enough of them.

When managing a store, it’s important to make sure your store is well stocked. If not, there will be fewer products for consumers to choose from. We want consumers to stay on your store and browse your store for products. At the end of the day, we want consumers to buy directly from you. So if a consumer sees a lot of products that are not in stock, they will go to another store that does have the product. Poor inventory management can give customers the appearance that your store is not on top of its game.

Weapon Depot allows vendors to upload their own products. By allowing vendors to upload products, the customers gets more authentic descriptions and categories, as vendors will likely know their own products better than Weapon Depot. If you require a new category to new attribute, contact Weapon Depot to discuss your requirements with us. We are here to serve you.

Weapon Depot has the ability to approve or disapprove products uploaded by our vendors. We can also choose to approve or disapprove products based on image quality or poor descriptions. Please try to maximize your customer experience by selling products with superior image quality and excellent descriptions.

We also want to make sure you keep your store updated and stocked with products. Customers want choice and want to see lots of products for sale. The more products you place for sale, the better chances your store may be seen by potential customers and buyers.

Here are two ways Weapon Depot encourages vendors to upload products:

1- Grit Rating System

A rating system encourages sellers on Weapon Depot to keep their products stocked, as selling un-stocked items has the potential to produce bad ratings and reduce a vendor’s credibility. We don’t want any seller/vendor to obtain a bad rating. So try to keep your products stocked.

2- No Initiation Fees

We do not charge any initial fees to sell on Weapon Depot. You can upload as many products as you want without paying a single dime. We only charge sellers 2.5% upon the sale of a product.

Charging Seller Fees

Weapon Depot does not charge buyers a fee to purchase your products. We charge a commission fee to sellers after an item is sold. To encourage vendors to sell on our platform, we keep the fee at 2.5% (Cost of Item + Shipping) which is lower than the industry rate.

We also want to encourage sale items and/or coupons, and only charge vendors on the final product price. We bill you at the end of each month for the total number of sales you made. Again, we do not charge your customers, we only charge you on all vendor sales.

We made it easy for you to pay us at the end of each month. An easy way for vendors to pay Weapon Depot is through Authorize.net. With Authorize.net, we just give you a valid email address to send funds. It’s a secure, quick, and widely-used platform. Or, you can send a check via U.S. Mail, or we can bill a credit card.

Managing Orders

So you have inventory and customers are purchasing products from your store. Terrific! Once orders start rolling in, it’s time to get organized.

Having products is only one step of the equation. If you can’t efficiently get your product to the customer, having the product is not going to help. Orders that sit instead of move toward completion can result in frustrated customers.

To be successful, stores should monitor all open orders. Vendors should also know when a product is ordered, so they can make sure an order is completed and shipped as soon as possible.

Weapon Depot’s backend platform is designed to help you organize orders. We help you organize orders by status to see which orders are completed and which orders need to be finished.

Shipping Orders

Once an order comes in, vendors need to make sure the order is shipped. The main job of the vendor is to make sure orders are shipped efficiently.

Weapon Depot has made it easy for you to ship. We have Flat Fee shipping options available. We have also integrated the following shipping API Gateways:

  • UPS API Shipping Gateway
  • FedEX API Shipping Gateway
  • USPS API Shipping Gateway

Weapon Depot has authorized different shipping methods. Allowing certain shipping methods can allow you to have a cohesive shipping policy. Weapon Depot wants you to be comfortable with shipping. We want you to use whatever method is most comfortable for your store. Our aim is to increase vendor satisfaction. Whatever shipping method a vendor uses, Weapon Depot also helps you keep track of order shipments with tracking numbers to confirm shipment of orders.

Paying Vendors

Weapon Depot wants to make sure you get paid for all products sold. That is why 100% of the revenue passes directly from the consumer to your account. Part of keeping you happy is making sure you get paid quickly. Our system is efficient as we do not take any funds from the consumer. Our platform automatically sends payments to vendors when an order is processed.

For Credit Card Processing you can use any of these options:

For Non-Firearm Credit Card Processing you can use PayPal or PayFlow:

New Payment Gateways Coming Soon:

Sales Reports

Creating a successful store means generating useful reports. Sales reports help show revenue. This can be an important resource in determining whether your store management system is working.

When managing a store, it’s nice to have individualized sales reports. An individualized sales report can help you position your store for more sales and more revenue.

Overall, customized reports can be extremely helpful when trying to figure out how to manage your store.

Branding Your Store

It is important that your store have a unique brand that relates to the consumer. Branding your store improves recognition, creates trust, and builds value. Here are some considerations when branding your store:

Weapon Depot is about building a environment based on guns with grit. It is important that Weapon Depot has a message to send to you as the vendor, but it is also important that your store have a unique brand and elements that identifies with the consumer. Branding your store helps determines how customers see your store and the experience they have.

Weapon Depot is comprised of many sellers. Customers can think of Weapon Depot as a unique entity because of the great sellers we have that are part of our environment.

Here are some considerations when branding your store:

Newsletters, Emails, Social Media

Any contact with the customers, whether through emails or social media, should include your unique brand. Weapon Depot allows users/customers to rate a store, follow a store, like a product, and email a store for questions about products. When a customer follows a store, you can send them newsletters or emails about your new products. Weapon Depot encourages individual sellers to push their own marketing campaigns. We want customers to be loyal to your store. These forms of marketing are important for developing a brand and increasing customer engagement. Newsletters, for example, can be used to highlight top products, new products, and promotions across your store.

Return Policy and Guarantees

Each seller creates a unique refund policy and guarantees. In order to attract more buyers make sure you enable users to clearly understand your policies. Weapon Depot provides for an easy way to update your store policies.

Individual Store Branding

Weapon Depot also allows individual vendors to have their own branding. We want to increase vendor satisfaction and loyalty. Vendors can brand their seller page and also put up ads throughout the site. Vendors can have their own store banner and unique URL. It’s important for vendors to be able to brand their own seller area, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the overall marketplace branding. In addition, sellers can purchase a category banner on individual category pages in order to attract more customers.