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It’s no secret that shooting and learning about firearms is fun. On of the guns that can provide countless hours of enjoyment is the black powder rifle. If you are into muzzle loading and black powder shooting you already know what we are talking about. In case you are new to the art of lack powder loading using a cap and ball, you may have some catching up to do but the sport of shooting is well worth it. Shooting a black powder rifle is so much fun and it doesn’t matter if it is your first time or a celebration of your two hundred shot celebration.

If you haven’t fired the in line muzzleloader and you get the opportunity to do so, you should because it is a real treat. You can’t beet muzzle loading and black powder loading for a day of pure enjoyment. There is nothing so exciting as learning to shoot a black powder rifle for the first time. This is a great family activity for the family that loves to shoot too. Pushing that ram rod into your muzzleloader and having your son or daughter or the neighbor kid ask questions is a great learning experience. Now, if you don’t have children and like to shoot on your own, that’s okay too.

The great news is that with a few selections of cap and ball and some black powder loading you are bound to have a great time and if you are really good at shooting the black powder rifle there is a good chance that you may even hit your target. It’s good to know that you can get many of your black powder loading supplies online and looking over each and every one of them can be just as fun as the actual shooting part of the muzzleloading adventure.