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CCW Purses for Sale

It may come as no shock to anyone that it’s not just men that carry a firearm. Today it is estimated that more than 20 percent of women own a gun. The problem is that only recently have the designers started to make it easier for women to conceal their firearm. One of the ways in which women can carry is what is knows a a women’s concealed carry purse. This is also known as a ccw purse. There are many types of these concealed purse bags that a woman can choose from and each one has a unique fit depending on the types of guns that they can holster.

They make concealed carry handbags which include a concealed carry purse and a concealed carry crossbody purse. The other type of bag is a concealed carry backpack. All of these are just like a ccw purse and can be easy to use and each one provides the woman the extra space she needs to carry her firearm safely. This is not to say that you won’t find a woman with her gun strapped to her side because you will, but with a ccw purse she doesn’t have to fight hard to keep it covered, she simply puts the handgun in the purse and she is good to go.

Don’t let the term concealed carry backpack fool you either. Many of the backpacks that are a ccw purse are very nice. They are great to look at, attractive to the eye and get the job done. You can also carry with a concealed crossbody purse. This is great for places where you might not take a backpack. Many of the ladies we talked to actually have a few of selections of the concealed carry purse and use them all at different times. As with any woman’s concealed carry purse, find one you like and wear it proudly.