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When it comes to shooting guns, there seems to be one thing that every gun can’t seem to have enough of and that is a magazine. Just for clarity we aren’t talking about the magazines that people like to read, we are talking about gun magazines. It doesn’t matter what you call them, gun magazines, gun clip, magazine gun, extended magazines, high capacity magazines, drum magazines, CA magazines, they all work just about the same. If you aren’t sure what this little device does, you are in for a nice but short lesson.In shooting, the gun magazine or gun clip as it is often called helps to hold the rounds that the gun will fire. Extended magazines help the gun to hold more rounds and are sometimes called high capacity magazines. These can also come as drum magazines and often tend to hold more rounds than the regular gun clip. One gun clip that is highly requested is what is called the CA magazines. These are often used to comply with state or local laws regarding how many rounds a magazine gun can hold.

When you purchase a gun clip, the gun magazine will often be a simple clip unless you specifically look for extended magazines or high capacity magazines. These gun magazines can be found with ease on any number of websites and can be purchased online. As long as you know and comply with all federal and local laws you will be fine with your purchase so no need to worry about that. These high capacity magazines can be used to store more rounds of ammo so you can shoot for longer periods of time before having to reload your magazine gun or drum magazines. Shooting is much easier when you use the extended magazines designed for your firearms.