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As head off to the range I was telling my friend Frank that I started to reload my own shells and he said he wasn’t sure that he could do that because he wasn’t mechanically inclined. I had to laugh because reloading your own bullets has become such a simple process that everyone can learn to do it safely and easily. You order reloading supplies and reloading accessories online and when they arrive we take everything to the reloading bench and break out the reloading kit and all the reloading tools we need and we get the job done. It’s so easy even Frank can do it.I told Frank that he could do it and ask him to come over to my house on Saturday. He agreed to meet up with me for breakfast but, what he didn’t know is, I already ordered him a 223 reloading kit for his birthday which is a few days away. Frank is thinking I’m going to show him my reloading accessories and reloading tolls and sit him down at my reloading bench and teach him to reload my shells. Little does he know, he is going to be using his own reloading kit. If he likes it, which I know he is going to, I’ll buy him a reloading bench and other things for Christmas.

My point here is simple, reloading kits and reloading tools are so cheap and anyone can learn to reload their own bullets. Doing this saves money because the cost of bullets in your local store are so much more money when you break the numbers down. This means that Frank and I, along with anyone who uses reloading supplies can save money by reloading our own. I know Frank is going to be thrilled when I show him how he is going to buy that new fishing pole, the 357 he wants and still keep his wife from going ballistic.