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    • For 308 Low height upper such as DPMS, CMMG, MEGA, AERO! Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the guide. 
    • The ADE PRO handguard was designed by Ade Advanced Optics right here in Oregon with the goal of being the lightest and smallest free floating forend for ar15. The width of the handguard before accessories have been installed is only 1.49″.

      Proudly Made in USA! Ade Advanced Optics introduced this new rail in ShotShow 2017, this is the first batch we received in August 2017. 

      • 10″ Length, True TYPE III Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum
      • Ultra Light and Robust Design 
      • 1913 Top Rail with Cut Out. 
      • Steel Barrel Nut
      • T7075 Aluminum. (While most of the rails on the market are made of T6061/T6063 aluminum, Ade Advanced Optics decided to use superior grade T7075 aluminum for all ADE PRO handguards for their new flagship U.S. made handguard)


      • Handguard
      • Nitride Steel Barrel Nut 
      • Mounting Screws 
      • Shims

      Just like other U.S. Made name brand handguards, ADE PRO is using ENGLISH screws, not METRIC screws that are only popular overseas. 

      • Handguard Weight: 8.5 oz. 
      • Steel Barrel Nut Weight: 3.1 oz

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Selecting a Handguard for your AR-10/AR-308/LR-308?

  • The family of rifles generally referred to as “AR-10″s or “AR-308″s encompasses a variety of rifles from a variety of manufacturers.  Although similar in appearance and function, different rifles may have different upper receiver designs with parts that may or may not be interchangeable.  This situation makes shopping for a free float quad rail or handguard a bit complicated.
    AR-10 style rifles have a few different commonly used barrel nut designs (the attachment point for a free float handguard), each of which is compatible only with a free float quad rail or handguard built specifically for that design.  The two most common standards are for the original AR-10 and for the DPMS LR-308.  Both of these standards are now used by a number of different manufacturers.
    Armalite AR-10 Style Handguards
    The original AR-10 was developed in the 1950’s by ArmaLite, who still owns the AR-10 trademark and sells the only rifle officially called the AR-10. ArmaLite AR-10 rifles use their own proprietary barrel nut standard which is incompatible with most AR-10/308 derivative rifle models on the market. The thread specifications for the AR-10 barrel nut are 1-7/16” and 18 TPI-3A. Besides ArmaLite, some popular rifle models that have licensed and use this barrel nut design include the Eagle Arms AR-10 the Noveske N6.  Handguards compatible with these rifles are offered by LaRue, PRI, Badger Ordinance and Daniel Defense among others.
    DPMS LR-308 Style Handguards
    Rifle maker DPMS would go on to develop their own AR-10 style rifle called the LR-308, with the same general design but with a number of parts incompatible across platforms including the barrel nut/handguard. The barrel nut standard based on the popular DPMS LR-308 has become the most widely adopted on the market.  The thread specifications for the LR-308 barrel nut are 1-7/16” and 16 TPI-

    2A. Numerous manufacturers make rifles using the LR-308 barrel nut standard including the Remington R25 and the Bushmaster 308 ORC.
    *Please note that while the barrel nut standard for the DPMS LR-308 rifles has remained the same, there are two different versions of DPMS upper receiver that differ in the height of the receiver rail.  Upper receivers manufactured before August 2009 have a high profile receiver rail, while upper receivers manufactured after August 2009 have a low profile receiver rail.  Handguards made for the low profile receiver will still fit the older receiver, but the top rail will not align squarely with the receiver top rail.
    We carrie Made in USA low profile DPMS LR-308 pattern free float Keymod and Mlok rails in a variety of lengths at the lowest prices anywhere starting at just $49.95.  
    DPMS GII Handguards 
    To confuse matters further, in 2014 DPMS released the DPMS GII 308 rifle.  The DPMS GII is likewise, a DPMS made .308 rifle with an AR style design.  However, the GII uses its own proprietary barrel nut standard.  GII barrel nuts are not interchangeable with LR-308 barrel nuts.
    Other Non-Standard/Proprietary Handguards
    Besides these standards, several other manufacturers of AR-10 style rifles use their own non-standard or proprietary style of barrel nut including Ruger SR-762 and the Daniel Defense DD5 V1.
    AR-10/AR-308/LR-308 Free Float Rail/Handguard Compatibility List
    To confirm what type of handguard will fit on your AR-10/308 rifle please refer to our AR-10/308 hand guard compatibility list below.  The list is not comprehensive.  If you have any additions or updates, please let us know.  Before purchasing a handguard, we highly recommending confirming compatibility with your rifle manufacturer.
    LR-308 Pattern AR-10 Pattern Non-Standard

    DPMS Oracle .308

    DPMS .308 Classic

    DPMS LR-308L

    DPMS TAC20

    DPMS Long Range Lite


    DPMS Lite Hunter

    DPMS Recon

    DPMS Sportical

    DPMS Compact Hunter

    DPMS LR-308B


    DPMS AP4

    DPMS MK12

    DPMS 3G1

    DPMS LR-308T

    Smith & Wesson M&P 10 Series

    Bushmaster .308 ORC (low profile)

    Remington R25 (low profile)

    Palmetto State Arms PSA PA10

    Palmetto State Arms PSA PAC Tac10

    ArmaLite AR-10 Rifles

    Noveske N6

    Eagle Arms AR-10

    Aero Precision M5 (High Profile)


    Ruger SR-762 308 rifle

    Rock River Arms LAR-8

    LaRue Tactical OBR 7.62

    LaRue Tactical PredatOBR 7.62 and

    LaRue Tactical PredatAR 7.62

    Daniel Defense DD5 V1

    Sig Sauer 716 Patrol 

  • Ade Advanced Optics first made its appearance in the firearms accessory industry by doing private label production for several major manufacturers and retailers. During this period, Ade Advanced Optics began receiving requests from numerous customers for access to the affordable, high quality products that Ade Advanced Optics was capable of producing. By soliciting feedback from both clients and end users, Ade Advanced Optics was able to overcome the challenges a new company often faces when entering a global market and industry, especially one as competitive as the shooting, hunting, and outdoors industry.


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