ADE RD3-009 Red Dot Sight+Optic Mounting Plate for ALL Glock/Taurus G3C/G3


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  • This listing comes with ADE sight, a picatinny plate(pre-assembled), and a pistol plate for Glock. This Glock plate also fits Taurus GX4, G3C & G3 with factory steel sights, because the rear sight dovetail between GX4, G3C & G3 with factory steel sights and glock are exact the same. Taurus made the dovetail dimension of above mentioned models based on the same specification of Glock rear sight, but made everything model else, in a different dimension. Such as G2, G2C, TX22, PT111, G3. Therefore if you have a Tuarus model other than Taurus GX4, G3C & G3 with factory steel sights, you will need a different mounting plate.
    This glock mounting plate is for STANDARD glock models, it does not fits MOS (optics ready) glock or glocks with aftermarket slides. This glock mounting plate basically replaces the rear iron sight of the handgun. The rear sight dovetail is exactly the same for all glock model, therefore this plate fits all glocks from glock 17 to glock 43 to glock “100”.
    If you have an aftermarket Glock slide, please ask the slide manufacturer what exact optic cut they put on their glock slide and let us know for us to confirm which red dot fits. If you have Glock MOS (optics ready) model, you need Glock official provided #01 or #05 plate(you can obtain from Glock for free) to attach the red dot directly, you do not need this optic plate we offer to replace the rear sight for standard Glock models.
    The included glock mount fits all generation Glocks below:
    Glock 17
    Glock 17L
    Glock 19
    Glock 19x
    Glock 20
    Glock 21
    Glock 22
    Glock 23
    Glock 24
    Glock 26
    Glock 27
    Glock 29
    Glock 30
    Glock 30 SF
    Glock 31
    Glock 32
    Glock 33
    Glock 34
    Glock 35
    Glock 36 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 37
    Glock 38
    Glock 39
    Glock 41
    Glock 42 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 43 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 43x (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 44
    Glock 45
    Glock 46
    Glock 48 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Canik TP9SF
    Bersa BP9CC
    Tactical Solutions .22lr Conversion
    Advantage Arms .22lr Conversion
    Also fits 
    Taurus G3C
    Taurus G3 with Factory Steel Sight
    Taurus TX4
    Does not fit Glock MOS models.
    Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 19 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 34 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 35 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 40 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 41 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 22 Gen 5 MOS
    Glock 23 Gen 5 MOS
    Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS
    Glock 45 MOS
    Glock 43x MOS
    Glock 48 MOS
     Does not fit any Glock pistol with aftermarket slide(buyer need to verify what kind of optic cut the it has)
    Does NOT fit any other Taurus models such as G2, G3, TX22, G2C, PT111
    Below is an installation video created by a gunsmith installing the plate on his glock 17. It is the same method for other handguns such as 19, 20, 22, 30, 36, 40, 43 ect.

    Fully shockproof and fogproof. 

    Waterproof guaranteed for 30 minutes under 1.7feet

    Lenses are precision ground and polished to exacting geometries to virtually eliminate parallax and to provide a very clear, crisp sight picture

    Fully windage and elevation adjustable and lockable

    6 MOA

    5 Illumination Settings.

    Powered by a lithium CR2032 battery(Included)

    Magnification: 1X

    Sight Window: 25mm x 16mm; .98" x .62"

    Elevation Adjustment Range: 3° or 190" @ 100 yds (524 cm @ 100 m)

    Windage Adjustment Range: 3° or 190" @ 100 yds (524 cm @ 100 m)

    Set Value for One Scale Division: 1 MOA or 1" @ 100 yds with 60 scale divisions per turn

    Subtension of the Aiming Dot: 4 MOA (10.5 cm @ 100 m)

    Parallax-Free Sighting Distance: approx. 50 yds

    Recoil Resistance: At least 1000 Gs

    Operating Temperature Range: -10°F to +130°F (-25°C to +55°C)

    Storage Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to +70°C)

    Power Supply: 3V with one CR 2032 Lithium battery

    Dimensions: L 2.0" x W 1.0" x H 1.1" (52 mm x 26 mm x 28 mm)

    Weight (in operating condition without mounting materials): 0.9 oz (25 g).



    Allen wrench to tighten fasteners


    Adjusting disc

    Protective cap

    3V Lithium battery (CR 2032)

    Operating instructions

    Weaver/Picatinny-style mount

    Mounting plate for Glock

    Extra rubber sealing ring for battery compartment

  • This ADE RD3-009, alone with RD3-006,RD3-012,RD3-013 do NOT fit Springfield HELLCAT OSP, because springfield Hellcat OSP red dot footprint is based on Shield RMS. ADE sights has the footprint of Doctor/Vortex Venom type footprint. This RD3-009, and RD3-006, RD3-012 and RD3-013 fits directly to "Optics Ready" pistols such as Glock MOS, Springfield OSP(non-hellcat), Canik TP9 SFX(non elite sc), Walter PPQ Q5 Match, FNX 45 Tactical, IWI Masada handguns that come with mounting plates that marked for DOCTOR/VORTEX VENOM type red dot. All mentioned above pistols must to be OPTICS READY model that comes with MOUNTING PLATE marked for DOCTOR/VORTEX. If not, user has to purchase after market mounting plate(not included with this red dot sight purchase) to replace the rear sight. When you first receive the red dot. It has a picatinny mounting plate pre-assembled. Please use allen wrench provided to take out the 2 hex screws on the top behind the glass frame. It will disconnect the red dot from the picatinny mounting plate. You will then be able to attach the red dot to a variety of handgun mounting plates that are sold separately. There are many popular handguns on the market, due to the size difference of the handguns, each mounting plate is slightly different in dimensions. There are also many manufacturers making a variety of handgun plates that replace the rear sight, including ADE, Lakeline LLC, EGW, and Outerimpact. The screw comes with our red dot come with a pair of M3x6mm screws to connect to the pre-assembled picatinny mounting base. Some mounting plates made by other companies for specific handgun might need a longer screw such as M3x8mm or shorter screw such as M3x4mm depends on the thickness of the mounting plate/adapter. If you can’t get the screw to work properly, we recommend going to a local hardware store such as ACE Hardware to get the right size.


    Ade Advanced Optics first made its appearance in the firearms accessory industry by doing private label production for several major manufacturers and retailers. During this period, Ade Advanced Optics began receiving requests from numerous customers for access to the affordable, high quality products that Ade Advanced Optics was capable of producing. By soliciting feedback from both clients and end users, Ade Advanced Optics was able to overcome the challenges a new company often faces when entering a global market and industry, especially one as competitive as the shooting, hunting, and outdoors industry.



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