Custom Leatherette Sling


Personalized leatherette rifle sling. Suitable for most rifles and shotguns (M16, M4, AK47, Shotgun etc). 


  • Premium heavy duty chafe resistant nylon webbing, durable high impact polypropylene composite parts, long-lasting build quality.
  • Adjustable perfectly to go over any gun size, body armor easily (31"-49") 
  • Metal snap hooks attach to most weapon systems, brackets, or attachment buckles.
  • A special pocket for ear plugs


  • Width 1.9″
  • Length 31" – 49″ (adjustable) 


  • Polypropylene strap 1.9″ wide
  • Nylon Bond 40mm
  • Iron Buckles

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Sling Brand

Falcon Armor

Trigger Hand

Right Hand, Left Hand


Dark Blue, Blue, Baby Blue, Brown, Ochre, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Black, Gray, White, Orange, Pink, Red, Bordeaux

Sling Type

Custom Slings

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