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When it comes to tactical equipment, vests and platforms have always been in style. However, most of the people who wear a tactical vest do not do so because it looks good on them. Let’s face it the black tactical vest is popular not because it matches anything a person wears but because it can save lives. A tactical vest with a plate carrier or a plate carrier vest as they are often called can hold a bulletproof plate that can save someone from being killed during combat of gunfire. That alone is worth more than looking good in matching uniforms. This is why the black tactical vest is so popular and the number one choice of so many law enforcement.

In tactical vest fashion, a molle vest can be worn complete with various molle pouches that will have all of your tactical equipment at the ready for when you need it. Many times you can find equipment that can be swapped out in the combos of molle pouches, plate carrier vest, and molle vest. The tactical vest selection allows for so many options. This is one reason that so many law enforcement and security teams love to use the tactical vest collections that are offered.

You may have a black tactical vest that you are just wearing during a day to day operation and a molle vest type that you would switch into in the case you are called for an active shooter. The equipment you need to store and have access to can require you a different tactical vest fashion option. Regardless of the type of vest, you are looking for, be it a black tactical vest, a molle vest, or a plate carrier vest or even molle pouches to match, there are many options available to suit your needs and wants and meet the requirements of your department.