pistol emoji

Pistol Emoji Domain

CEO Robert Sirianni opens up the Pistol Emoji Domain to all customers of WeaponDepot.com.  At the core of Weapon Depot is the belief in freedom and a free market.  Weapon Depot acquired the pistol emoji domain earlier this year.  The company plans to open up the use of the emoji to all Weapon Depot customers and vendors.  “What differentiates us as a company is the belief that sharing increases value for both customers and vendors.  When most companies would plan on how to protect the asset, we are planning to make it universally accessible to customers and vendors of Weapon Depot.”

Weapon Depot and Social Commerce

Sirianni states that the fact that Weapon Depot is planning to open an API and analytics of the emoji is a major factor that makes his company a true social commerce ecosystem. “Weapon Depot is more than just a standard e-commerce site, it is a social commerce ecosystem where consumers can like, share, follow, their favorite products and brands.  We are a people centered shopping environment where the modern tools of social networking enhance the shopping experience. The pistol emoji tool is just one more indication that we are  a different company with a unique approach to e-commerce, at least when it comes to the Shooting Sport industry.”

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