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The first social app built for the great outdoors!

Weapon Depot introduces a new way to connect with friends on a revolutionary new mobile app for iOS and Android. Shoot, snap, and share all of your favorite memories from your last hunt, range day, or local gun show. Our social community respects the individual rights and freedom of each American, and hopes to empower that spirit within you.

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Discover Local Gun Shows & Other Events Nearby

Curious what's happening at your local gun show? We make it easy to look inside local gun shows & events directly from the app. No more guessing and walking around lost at the gun show. Our app makes it easy to browse the show from home.

Event Features Include:
  • Find gun shows & events nearby you.
  • See what's available before buying your ticket.
  • Easily advertise your products for sale at a gun show.
  • Generate leads before, during, and after a gun show.
  • Negotiate deals before the event even starts.
  • Add your gun show or event to find more attendees.
  • Buy or sell gun show tickets.
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Frequently Ask Questions Between the Mobile App and Desktop?

No! We designed two different environments for people to buy & sell.

The Desktop (WeaponDepot.com) is a full e-commerce environment that includes a cart with checkout. Orders get placed online and shipped directly to your house or local FFL agent.

The Mobile App (Weapon Depot LIVE) is a P2P marketplace with no cart and no checkout. Users can chat directly on the App to negotiate a deal & arrange for pickup or shipping if necessary.
Yes you can use the same username & password information to login on both the Desktop and App.

If you have any issues with your account, please contact [email protected].
At this time we do not share products from one environment to the other. This feature will be introduced in 2019.
No! Since there is no checkout on the App, there is no need to include a payment gateway on the App. All payments must occur outside of the App.
There are no requirements to sell firearms via our App. As a private seller you are required to ship all firearms in accordance to the laws passed down by the ATF as well as your local & state, officials.
Yes! The app is built to connect people before, during & after Events and Gun Shows. Anyone can create an Event and begin tagging products for sale to that Event on the App.
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