Pistol Emoji

We are sharing the pistol emoji with you!

To build a community that connects shoppers on Weapon Depot.

We decided to make the pistol Emoji domain open and accessible to everyone in the Weapon Depot community, including Brands, Vendors, and Customers.

What Does The Pistol Emoji Look Like Different Keyboards?

In 2016, Apple converted the pistol Emoji from a pistol character to resemble a green squirt gun. Notice the transition below from a normal pistol on iOS 9 to a green squirt gun on iOS 10. So if you are typing in the pistol on an Apple device, look for the green squirt gun.
The Android keyboard retains the image of an actual pistol, or revolver. Regardless of what keyboard, operating system, or browser you are using, the pistol Emoji will lead you to the same destination – http://.ws.

So feel free to try it out on any keyboard. The sharing experience will be the same!

Pistol Emojis in iOS and Android Devices

Social Media and Emojis

What Social Media Sites Make Using Emoji Easy?

The best social network to share Emoji URLs on is Twitter. Twitter renders nearly every http://–.ws request input by users. Google and Facebook will display Emoji characters, but at this time they typically do not support hyper-linking.

Stay tuned for future developments. For now, Twitter is the best platform to maximize your Emoji linking power. For more information on Emoji linking contact Jon Roig, the creator of  i.ws.

How to Use the Pistol Emoji To Market and Brand Your Business?

The Pistol Emoji URL Shortener is powered by Weapon Depot. We are developing an easy to use short code tool that will be accessible on every page of weapondepot.com to make sharing easier. Until we release the short code tool please follow these simple steps:

Step 1


Copy the long URL of your product or storefront on Weapondepot.com.

Step 2


Replace “https://www.weapondepot.com” with “http://.ws”

Step 3


Copy and paste your new short URL into your next Tweet or email message.


Yeah it’s that easy! Now anyone can use the pistol Emoji URL shortener to brand products, brands, and storefronts to shop on WeaponDepot.com.

Join Weapon Depot Today to Engage the World Using Emoji.

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