Weapon Depot Badges

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weapondepot store badge

Store Front Badge

Store Front Badges are used to identify sellers or vendors that own a store or retail location. Some Store Front Badges are also used by Wholesalers, Distributors, and Brands.

weapon depot private sellers badge

Private Seller Badge

The handshake Badge is used to show what sellers are private parties and individuals. If you see a Handshake Badge on a Product that means the Seller is a private individual.

weapon depot deals badge

Deal Icon

Sellers can offer Deals on certain items. Deals are normally Sale items. Deals can be purchased at any time. Deals are not auctions. Customers can purchase any Deal immediately and checkout.

weapondepot auction badge

Auction Icon

Auction items are designated by the Gavel. When you see a Gavel that means that the item is up for Auction and normally goes to the highest bidder.

weapondepot girls with grit female badge

Women Items

Women represent a big part of the Weapon Depot shopping universe. Some sellers may choose to designate products that are specifically designed or geared to women. So we made it easy to spot an item for our women shoppers and buyers.