Weapon Depot Badges

How To Recognize Different Sellers and Products

Storefront Badge

Sellers who own a physical storefront or retail location use this badge. You can buy directly from Storefronts who are approved sellers on Weapon Depot.

Private Seller Badge

Sellers who are considered private parties or individuals are represented using this badge. Only approved private sellers are eligible to list items for sale on Weapon Depot

Deal Icon

Deals are products that are offered usually at a discounted price. A Deal can be purchased by a customer at any time. Deals are not the same as auctions.

Auction Icon

Auctions are items that are bid on at anytime. Auctions usually go to the highest bidder, unless the Seller offers a Buy It Now Price. In order to win an auction, some Sellers may require a reserve price first be met.

Female Friendly

Women represent a big part of the Weapon Depot shopping universe. Some sellers may choose to designate products that are specifically designed or geared towards women. So we made it easy to spot an item for our female shoppers.