Frequently Asked Questions

What is Weapon Depot? is an online marketplace for guns, ammunition, parts, accessories & more. Our platform provides customers with a secure & easy to use experience while they explore our huge selection of pistols, rifles and related products from trusted gun stores all over the country. is quickly becoming the premier destination for new & existing gun owners looking for reliable service and a wide variety of firearms from reputable stores at competitive prices—an ideal alternative to Gunbroker or other online retailers selling guns and ammo. We make it easy for firearm enthusiasts, hunters and gun collectors to find exactly what they need in one convenient place! With intuitive search options and unbeatable customer support, Weapon Depot makes buying guns simple so you can spend more time enjoying what matters most!

How do I become a seller on Weapon Depot?

To create a seller account on Weapon Depot, start by filling out the Weapon Depot Vendor Application. It will always be free to create a seller account on Weapon Depot. After you complete the form, we require all sellers to verify their identity with email & SMS verification codes. Your seller account will not be approved until you complete these verification steps.

Do I need to register as a buyer on Weapon Depot?

Yes, customers must register a buyer account using our Customer Registration Form which requires your full name, email, password. Customers are required to complete an SMS verification before they are able to purchase anything on Weapon Depot.

What is the Weapon Depot checkout process?

The Weapon Depot checkout process is secured using an SSL certificate to protect and encrypt all user data. Most sellers on Weapon Depot accept credit card payments via one of our integrated payment gateways. The most secure way to pay for your order on Weapon Depot is using our checkout system. We DO NOT advise customers to send direct payments to sellers using other methods such as Venmo or Zelle.

Can I pay a store owner or Seller by check or a Money order?

It depends. In some cases, Store Owners do not have an online merchant account Weapon Depot, so they may accept money order or check for payment. The Store Owner’s Payment Policies (Listed on their Store Page) will explain their accepted payment methods. Most Private Sellers (such as an individual) will only accept cash or money order as they do not have the ability to take credit cards. Please make sure to verify the legitimacy of each seller prior to sending a check or money order. Send all checks via US Mail in order to ensure receipt.

What information does the Buyer provide during checkout?

The following are required for checkout on Weapon Depot:
  • Customer Name, Email, Phone Number
  • Shipping Address or Select FFL
  • Payment Method
  • Billing Address

What happens after the Buyer provide shipping information to store owner (Seller)?

  • The Store Owner (Seller) Reviews the Order and Ensures FFL Information is Correct (If a Firearm is being Shipped)
  • Seller reviews the order and calculates costs related to the item transaction:
    • Shipping/handling costs
    • Insurance, if applicable
    • If an FFL is required, the Seller will update the ship to address and fill in the FFL number.

Once a store owner verifies shipping what does the Buyer do?

  • Buyer Confirms Order Once the seller completes the review, the Buyer will review and confirm the final costs.
  • The Buyer must then pay the Seller for the item.
  • Seller Updates Order to Buyer
  • Seller updates the progress of the order:
    • Mark Payment Received
    • Mark FFL info Received
    • Enter Order tracking number
Mark Order shipped.

How does a buyer locate an FFL to receive a firearm?

All firearms must be shipped from a Store Owner (Seller) to a Licensed FFL

Do Buyers need to select an FFL during the checkout process when purchasing a firearm?

Yes, the Buyer locates a valid FFL to make the transfer. We provide steps for the buyer to locate an FFL within our system.

How many FFLs does Weapon Depot have to transfer firearms?

Our database has over 20,000 FFLs that are willing and able to be listed on the site to ensure buyers have an FFL available. The FFls will be easy to find, based on geographic location or zip code.

Where do I go to find an FFL?

This page will help buyers locate an FFL during the checkout process. FFL Finder Buyers are able to search and choose an FFL for buying/shipping purposes.

Who conducts my background check?

Once you buy a firearm, and identify the FFL you wish to receive the firearm on your behalf, your FFL will conduct a background check according to all applicable state and federal laws. Once the background check is complete you will be able to receive the item from your FFL. Remember, FFLs also create their own polices for the transfer of firearms so please check with your FFL to learn about their internal policies.

What happens if I fail a background check?

The transaction is marked incomplete by your FFL, and you must request a refund from the Store Owner Seller. Your FFL will be responsible for shipping the firearm back to the Store Owners, however, additional fees may apply for shipping purposes.

Where do I pick up my gun?

All firearms are shipped from the Store Owner/Seller directly to the FFL that the Buyer selects during the checkout process. Buyers must pick up their firearms at the FFL designated during the checkout process.

What are the fees to buy on Weapon Depot?

Weapon Depot charges no fees to Buyers to purchase any items on the site. That’s right, we don’t charge Buyers a dime. Not now and not in the future.

What are the fees to sell on Weapon Depot?

There are no upfront listing fees. In the event an item sells, Weapon Depot charges the Store Owner’s (Seller’s) Credit Card 2.5% on every transaction (item price + shipping).

Do Sellers need a merchant account to sell?

Preferably yes. Weapon Depot can process payments through, EPN or FastCharge. Every merchant must register with, EPN or FastCharge in order to process payments.

Must a Store Owner provide their merchant account details to Weapon Depot?

Yes, in order to process credit card transactions, the seller must list their merchant account details with Weapon Depot in order to begin selling.

What documentation do store owners need to provide in order to sell on Weapon Depot?

In order to sell on Weapon Depot a seller must upload a valid FFL certificate. If the seller does not have a valid FFL, they will not be able to sell online, unless they are selling non-regulated items such as hunting gear, accessories, or clothing. In those cases, the seller must upload
  1. Driver’s License
  2. Copy of Business License
  3. Utility Bill
  4. Business references.
The buyers on the site will proceed through a normal checkout process for non-ATF regulated items. Those buyers are verified via an email registration system.

Does Weapon Depot verify Sellers?

The Seller/FFL must upload a valid FFL certificate in order to sell on our site. We verify that FFL Certificate with the ATF EZ Check at and prior to taking the site live. In addition, our staff immediately calls the vendor with approval credentials and to verify the seller’s legitimacy. All these steps occur prior to allowing a vendor to list an item. See Starting A Storefront

What are the shipping policies for each store?

The shipping is performed from FFL to FFL. Our shipping policies are here Please note:
  • All shipping policies are set by the Dealer.
  • However, the checkout process demands that all firearms must ship ONLY to a pre-selected FFLs.
  • No individual will receive a shipped firearm as the site will not allow a customer to complete the checkout process unless an FFL is designated.
  • The recipient must have an FFL.
Sellers must insert Shop Policies for Shipping. These pages provide a brief description of what buyers should expect when purchasing from a seller’s shop.

Return policies

We have a refund policy located here In this section, we discuss how the relationship of buying and selling is between the customer and the vendor. Please note:
  • Since Weapon Depot is a marketplace of independent shops, refunds, returns, and exchanges are handled differently from seller to seller.
  • Return policies are set individually by the gun dealers that sell on the site.
  • Weapon Depot does not sell firearms. We just allow vendors to list items for sale.
  • In general, each seller on Weapon Depot sets their own policies regarding returns and refunds.
  • These policies should be displayed in each seller’s Shop Policies page. If there is a problem with an order, contact the seller directly first.
  • If there is a problem with a transaction, the seller and buyer can connect directly via instant messaging on Weapon Depot.
  • These policies are also expected to fall in line with Weapon Depot policies.
If there is a problem with a transaction, the seller and buyer can connect through our system. The seller and buyer can connect directly via instant messaging on Weapon Depot. Buyers are also encouraged to contact sellers if they experience any issues.

How do I open a case for a problem with my purchase?

Weapon Depot provides the marketplace, but isn’t directly involved in transactions between individual buyers and sellers. If a buyer has trouble with an order and can’t sort it out directly with the seller or buyer, the buyer can file what’s called a “case.” Opening a case is the best way to let a seller and Weapon Depot know that you’re having issues with an order. The case system on Weapon Depot is where buyers and sellers work together to resolve their issues. If necessary, Weapon Depot can help bring a dispute to a conclusion. Please note: If a buyer does not formally file a case, Weapon Depot cannot get involved.

How to register On Weapon Depot as a Store Owner/Seller?

  • Sign Up
  • Choose Your Own Store Name
  • Upload Products
  • Link to your merchant account through EPN, Payment Alliance International,
  • Start selling

    What features are available on Weapon Depot for Store Owners?

    Weapon Depot has plenty of useful features to help you create, develop and manage your store. Here are just a few. Easy to Use: Anyone can Start Selling.
    • You can be in business in minutes.
    • No technical experience required.
    • Design your store, add and manage your products, and control sales from your store, office, or home.

      What inventory control do Store Owners have?

      Your stock manager has easy-to-use tools to help you run your store. Weapon Depot will automatically notify you of all store activity and what steps need to take place, so that you can concentrate on running your new online store.

      Does Weapon Depot allow Store Owners to design their own page?

      Each Store Owner has complete freedom of creative design and can be unique.

      How do Store Owners get paid?

      Getting paid is simple. You can use your Merchant Account for your Weapon Depot checkout, so your money hits your bank without any hassles.

      How do I advertise as a Store Owner on Weapon Depot?

      There are various advertising options available. Store Owners can buy space on a CPC (Cost Per Click) Basis on the following areas:
      • Home Page Banner.
      • Category Banners.
      • Sub-Category Banners.
      • Premium Listings.
      Weapon Depot invites you to connect our digital media and advertising. We have various campaigns for you and your business. For more information contact Director of Digital Media and Operations at [email protected] or (844) 278-7494.

      How do I buy on Weapon Depot?

      You will need to register as a user with Weapon Depot in order to begin buying or selling.

      Do you share my data?

      Registration is safe and secure. We share no information to third parties.

      Do I need an FFL to buy?

      You do not have to be a licensed FFL or firearms dealer in order to buy on Weapon Depot. However, if you buy a firearm, you will need to make arrangements with your FFL to receive the firearm in your state and transfer the firearm to you.

      Must I be legally allowed to own a firearm in order to buy?

      Yes. You must be legally allowed to own a firearm, ammunition, gun accessories, or a knife in order to make a purchase of these items. Check you federal and state laws before you make a purchase of a firearm, ammunition, gun part, or knives.

      How do I locate an FFL to transfer my firearm purchase?

      During the checkout process, Weapon Depot provides a list of FFLs able to receive your firearm and transfer it to you. You can choose by state, city, or zip code. Just locate the FFL nearest you during the checkout process. Once you complete the checkout process, you must contact your chosen FFL and ask them to email, mail, or deliver a copy of their FFL Certificate to the Seller.

      Can I buy non-firearm items on Weapon Depot?

      Yes. These items do not require an FFL to make the transfer.

      Where is the list of FFLs?

      Weapon Depot has published a list of FFL holders that will manage the transfer of any firearm to persons who are unlicensed by the ATF. You can search by state or zip code using this link.

      What are the restrictions for ammunition purchases?

      In order to buy ammunition, you do not need to locate an FFL to receive the shipment. You simply need to verify your age to the Seller. Most Sellers will require a copy of your driver’s license before they ship the ammunition. Under most state laws you will need to be 18 years old to buy rifle ammunition and at least 21 years old to buy pistol ammunition.

      What is an auction?

      Some items are sold based on auction. For auction items, the highest bid wins as long as the bid exceeds or matches the Reserve Price set buy the Seller.

      What is a reserve price?

      Sellers may set a reserve price when listing an item for sale as an auction. The reserve price is the lowest possible price that the Seller is willing to accept for an item. Not all Sellers set a reserve price. Buyers don’t know what the reserve price is in most cases. If a Buyer does not match or exceed a reserve price, then the Seller is not required to sell the item. In addition, the Buyer is not required to buy the item.

      I am trying to add a Product but I don't see an attribute I need?

      You can add a Custom Attribute to .any product. Just scroll down to the Add Attribute area in your product manager. Locate the tab that says “add custom attribute”.. Add the attribute to your product. The custom attribute will only be visible on your product. Other vendors will not be able to use that custom attribute . If you want Weapon Depot to add the attribute to our permanent database, please email us the category and attribute name.