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hunting equipmentWeapon Depot has plenty of useful features to help you create, develop and manage your store. Here are just a few.

Easy to Use!

  • You can be in business in minutes.
  • No technical experience required.
  • Design your store, add and manage your products, and control sales from your living room.
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Attract More Customers

Be unique. Be you. Be the brand that you always have been. With complete freedom of creative design, your online store can be a source of revenue for your business.

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Traffic: Get Selling.

It’s easy to keep track of the traffic visiting your Weapon Depot store. Know your customers: where they come from, what products they most browse and buy, and when they like to visit.

Sell Firearms

firearm auctions bid now weapondepotWe offer a clean marketplace for you to sell firearms and accessories. As long as you have an FFL you can sell to any customer. Just be sure to ship to the customers’ FFL when they provide you with a copy of the FLL.  Each Seller must follow all ATF guidelines, policies, and laws.   Weapon Depot is not responsible for the sales of any products, including firearms and ammunition, between the buyer and seller/vendor.  It is the Sellers sole and exclusive responsibility to comply with all state and federal laws, including laws governing the shipping and sale of firearms as set for by the ATF.

Accepting Payments

weapon depot paymentsIf you, as the Seller, already accept credit cards and have one of the following payment gateways, then you are “merchant ready” and able to immediately connect to the Weapon Depot checkout portal:

  • Fast Charge
  • EPN
  • PayPal (non-firearms)

If you as the Seller/Vendor do not currently accept credit cards and would like to, we recommend the following as a service provider:

Fast Charge or Electronic Transfer, Inc. payment gateway which is 100% 2A Friendly.  Connect with Fast Charge or [email protected] Parkins-Pyles, (800) 757-5453 ext 203.

You can use your merchant account for your Weapon Depot checkout, so your money hits your bank without any concerns. Remember 100% of all funds go directly to you.


firearm credit card processing weapon depotSimple. Payment on your Weapon Depot account for Auction Fees will be billed monthly by Weapon Depot on the Credit Card on file based on a Percentage of Sales or by Monthly Invoice.

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