How Do I Purchase a Firearm Online?

Before the Buyer is allowed to checkout, they first must select an FFL of from our free FFL locator. If the FFL you desire is not available, you can always input your preferred FFL’s information prior to checkout.
Once an order is placed, the Buyer then needs to contact the FFL selected prior to checkout. Weapon Depot will provide the Buyer with the name, email, phone number, and address of the FFL selected.
At the time of checkout, you will be sent an email notification with both the Seller and FFL information. As the Buyer, you must contact the Seller to ensure they have the proper FFL information to ship your firearm. The Seller (as well as the Buyer) will need to contact the FFL and arrange for the item(s) to be delivered & picked-up from the FFL’s physical location.
Once the Seller receives all FFL paperwork, only then can the Seller ship the firearm(s) to your chosen FFL for transfer & pickup.