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When a sale is made on Weapon Depot, the Seller is charged a transaction fee of 2.5% of the total checkout price. This percentage applies to the shipping cost and additional taxes. Vendor selling fees on Weapon Depot is 2.5% of the total sale price (Product + Shipping + Any Applicable Tax). Weapon Depot will send an invoice to the Seller for each sale made, billed either monthly or quarterly.

When a buyer pays using Weapon Depot Secure Checkout, we never apply any additional fees to the buyer. Rather, we bill our Vendors 2.5% of the sale for using our platform. Once a sale is made, 100% of the funds from the buyer are immediately deposited into seller’s account. Seller’s can include additional taxes and fees on various products. As a Buyer on Weapon Depot, the price you see is the price you pay.

If you issue a refund for a sale made through Weapon Depot Secure Checkout, your transaction fee will be credited proportionally and applied to the refund amount. But as the seller you must review our Refunds and Exchange Policy. You must notify us within 14 days if any of your customers request a refund.

Cancellations may occur at any time. If you wish to cancel an order made on Weapon Depot, we suggest you first try to contact the Seller via email or using the Weapon Depot Inbox. For support on cancelling an order, contact [email protected].

Ship On Your Terms

Sellers determine what shipping options are available for each product. Weapon Depot offers solutions so Vendor’s can choose from UPS, USPS, or FedEx shipping options. Input the size and weight of each item & our shipping API will calculate the shipping cost for you, or choose flat rate and you set the shipping cost. All shipping costs will be calculated and charged to the Buyer prior to checkout.

Sellers can choose which states they want to ship to on a per product basis. Sellers can exclude sales to certain states on a per product basis and exclude shipping items to certain states.

Please note, all firearm and lower receiver sales must be sold in accordance with all existing federal, state, and local laws. All transfers must pass through a certified FFL issued by the ATF. Please contact your Seller to ensure all transfers are done securely and properly.

Additional Taxes And Fees

Sellers can include a custom tax rate for all 50 states on an individual product basis. Sellers can customize tax rate structure on a per product basis by adding special tax rates for each states.

Adding a Custom Tax Rate

When adding a new product or editing an existing product, there is an area where you can choose one (or multiple) States and input a custom tax rate.

Add Insurance and Handling Fees

Sellers have the option to include additional insurance and/or handling fees on a per product basis. You can include both when adding a new product or editing an existing product on Weapon Depot. Additional insurance and handling fees are calculated and totaled before checkout.