Two Ways To Buy on weapondepot:

Auction Items (Bid Now!)

Auctions items are awarded to the customer with highest bid price. Any customer with a buyer account can bid on an auction item listed. If an Auction item has a “Buy It Now” price, then a customer can checkout with that item at weapondepot anytime.

Products/Deals (Buy Now!)

Product listings are items that the customer can purchase anytime if the item is in-stock. Sellers can offer discounted items (or deals) that are only available on weapondepot until they go out of stock.

Start Bidding!

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Start Buying!

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Secure Background Check & FFL Transfer Process

A Buyer can purchase an item by either winning an auction or checking out with a product in their cart.

How to add listings into your cart on Weapon Depot?

  • Be the highest bid on an Auction when it expires.
  • Meet the “Buy It Now” price on an Auction.
  • Select “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons on any product page.
  • If the Buyer is purchasing a firearm, the Buyer will first need to select an FFL they want the firearms shipped to.

Buyer enters all information necessary to initiate the transaction:

  • Shipping Name & Address (for items requiring an FFL, the Buyer must select a valid FFL)
  • Select Shipping Method (based on what the Seller offers & type of item being purchased)
  • Add Payment Method (based on what seller offers). Please check the Seller’s Storefront to see what type of payments each seller accepts.
  • Bill to address.

The Seller will receive a secure message with the following information:

  • Order #
  • Customer Name & Contact Info (phone or email required)
  • Shipping Information (for items requiring an FFL, the FFL information will be provided to the Seller)
  • If an FFL is required, the Seller must ship all items to the FFL provided by the Buyer. The Seller is responsible for shipping all items to a valid FFL & complying with all local, state, and federal laws.
  • Additional insurance & handling fees (if applicable)
  • Additional State Sales Taxes (if applicable)

If an order requires an FFL transfer, then the Buyer is responsible for:

  • Choosing the correct FFL they want the order shipped to
  • Notifying the selected FFL of the transfer request.
  • Contacting the FFL dealer to send a color copy of their FFL to the Seller.
  • Seller will not deliver the product unless he/she receives the FFL copy.
  • Arranging for pickup & transfer from the FFL dealer’s physical store location.

Once the Seller marks Payment Received and Order Shipped, the order is marked as complete.

Buyer and Seller can:

  • Access shipping/tracking information
  • View the order history
  • Print out a receipt
  • Leave a GRIT Rating on the listing
  • Order again!