Weapon Depot Bulk Upload

Weapon Depot offers a FREE bulk upload option for all Approved Sellers. Add your entire arsenal of products to Weapon Depot with:

  • No minimum sales requirement
  • No minimum reviews or feedback requirement
  • No more entering one product at a time
Save time adding your products manually, & try our free bulk upload tool today! Format your product listings to match our sample CSV: Weapon Depot Bulk Upload (Sample CSV) Login To Start Uploading We offer dedicated support to registered sellers who need assistance with their bulk upload. Our team can perform complementary bulk uploads upon request.

Top-Level Category(*Required)

In order to use the Weapon Depot FREE bulk upload tool, we require a top-level category for every product being uploaded. When using our bulk upload tool, please include one of the following as the “tax:product_cat” on your CSV file:

  • Guns
  • Ammunition
  • Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Archery
  • Tactical
  • Fishing
When formatting your CSV file please make sure to input one of above top-level categories to each product listing you want to upload.

Sub-Category (Optional)

When formatting your CSV file, the sub-categories on Weapon Depot are not required fields. In order to increase product visibility, Weapon Depot encourages Sellers to always input a sub-category for all product listings.

How to format a sub-category: Guns > Rifles or Hunting > Game Calls > Deer Calls.

Once a bulk upload is complete, the Seller has the ability to edit all product listing information – such as category/sub-category, price, image, and shipping details.