Two Ways To Sell on Weapon Depot

Auction Items (Bid Now!)

Auctions items are awarded to the customer with highest bid price. Any customer with a buyer account can bid on an auction item listed. If an Auction item has a “Buy It Now” price, then a customer can checkout with that item at anytime.

Products/Deals (Buy Now!)

Product listings are items that the customer can purchase anytime if the item is in-stock. Sellers can offer discounted items (or deals) that are only available on Weapon Depot until they go out of stock.

How to Start a Store on Weapon Depot

Fill out the Weapon Depot Vendor Application and our compliance team will review your request in 1-2 business days. If you are not approved within 48 hours then contact [email protected] for support.

Please Note: all vendors are required to verify their email address before being approved.
Once approved, go to the Shop Front Settings to add:
  • Store Name
  • Custom URL Slug
  • Shop Description
  • Phone, Email, & Address (Can be public or private)
  • Logo and Banner images
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and more!
If you want to sell firearms on Weapon Depot you must first upload a copy of your FFL Certificate from the ATF. From the Vendor Dashboard, go to the Selling Details tab to upload a copy of your FFL. For help adding your FFL, contact [email protected].
Add a Payment Gateway of your choice and 100% of the sale will flow directly from the Buyer to the Seller. We currently accept the following Payment Gateways on Weapon Depot:
  • eProcessing Network
  • Fast Charge
  • NMI
  • Maverick
  • Durango
  • *More Available Upon Request
To connect your Payment Gateway to Weapon Depot, go to the Selling Details tab from your Vendor Dashboard. Sellers can accept PayPal but only for non-FFL transfer items. If you do not have a Payment Gateway or PayPal, then traditional mail in cash, check, or money order is always an option for our Sellers.
After registration, Weapon Depot reviews account information, checks FFL data (if selling firearms), and approves (confirms) or modifies account upon request.
Begin Selling By Uploading Items for Sale, Upload Products, Deals, or Auction Items

Ready To Get Started?