Refund and Returns

Weapon Depot is a marketplace of independent storefronts; therefore refunds, returns and exchanges are handled differently from seller to seller. Return policies are set individually by each storefront that sells on our platform. Weapon Depot is not responsible for any refunds, returns, exchanges, and disputes. All refunds and returns must go directly through the seller/vendor and the buyer. We strongly recommend using our internal chat for secure communication.

Sellers Set Their Own Refund Policies

Weapon Depot does not sell any of the items available on the site, we just allow vendors to list items for sale. For Buyers. Each seller on Weapon Depot sets their own policies regarding refunds and returns. These policies are displayed on each storefront page under the Shop Policies dropdown. If there is a problem with an order, you must contact the seller directly. For Sellers. As a seller on Weapon Depot, you are expected to clearly state your policies about refunds and returns in your Shop Policies. These policies are also expected to fall in line with Weapon Depot’s policies. Clearly let buyers know how you handle any issues or problems with a transaction.

Problem with a Transaction

When there is a problem with a transaction, it’s best for buyers and sellers to contact each other directly via instant messaging on Weapon Depot. Please keep in mind that Weapon Depot provides the marketplace, but isn’t directly involved in transactions between individual buyers and sellers. Weapon Depot is not responsible for any disputes or issues arising out of the transaction between a buyer and seller.

Initiating a Case for a Problem with a Transaction

If you have trouble with an order and can’t sort it out directly with the other party, you can file what’s called a “case”. Opening a case is the best way to let a seller and Weapon Depot know that you’re having issues with an order. The case system on Weapon Depot is where buyers and sellers work together to resolve an issue. If necessary, Weapon Depot can help bring a dispute to a conclusion. Please note: If a buyer does not formally file a case, Weapon Depot cannot get involved.