firearm essentials

So, you’ve finally purchased your first gun. Congrats, firearm ownership is incredibly rewarding not only for an increased sense of self-reliance, but as a great hobby with recreational shooting.

Now that you have a firearm, there are a few more accessories you should get to keep your firearm working properly, stored safely, and you’re prepared for days at the range.

Luckily these items are usually inexpensive, so its not a huge investment, but important for responsible gun ownership nonetheless.

Gun Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit is a must-have for any firearm. A clean firearm will work properly and limit malfunctions as well as last longer. Cleaning kits should include a bore cleaner, cleaning solvent, and lubricating oil.

Other great things to have for gun cleaning are cotton cleaning patches, Q-tips, a toothbrush, and a microfiber cloth.

Correct Ammunition

All firearms are manufactured to accept a specific caliber of ammunition. This will be clearly displayed on the firearm itself and in the owner’s manual. Ideally, you will know the caliber of your firearm prior to purchasing.

Using the incorrect ammunition will leave your firearm useless, or at worst cause dangerous consequences. Make sure to carefully read the box before you purchase ammunition and ask gun store employees if you need help.

It’s also important to have the right kind of ammunition to make the most of what you want to achieve. For instance, if you need self defense ammunition for your handgun, full metal jacket target ammunition may not be the best choice and you should instead look for hollow point ammunition.

Safe Gun Storage

Safe gun storage is paramount, especially if you live in a home with young children. Many unfortunate gun accidents happen because children get ahold of firearms because it was not stored properly.

First of all, unless you intend to have a gun accessible for self-defense, do not keep your gun loaded. If you do, make sure it’s hidden or in a secure location.

Gun safes are also an important part of proper gun storage. Gun safes allow you to keep your guns locked in a secure area that only you or a select number of people can access.

Eye and Ear Protection

Guns are loud, really loud. Without proper ear protection, you will experience severe hearing loss. Hearing protection should always be worn when shooting firearms or when near someone else shooting.

Eye protection is also important. Small particles can get in your eye and cause damage even in normal shooting conditions. In the rare event of a severe malfunction, eye protection can prevent you from losing an eye or being seriously injured.

Quality Holster and/or Gun Case

One of the most important rules of firearms safety is to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. For modern firearms, it’s almost impossible for a gun to go off without the trigger being pulled.

Keeping your gun in a holster or gun case is a good habit to keep the trigger completely guarded. You’ll also need a gun case to transport your firearm to and from the range.

Final Tips For New Gun Owners

Owning a firearm comes with a certain level of responsibility, and that responsibility is always present. If you’re a new gun owner, make sure you properly maintain your firearms, store them properly, and have the right equipment for shooting to keep yourself and others safe.