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Archery Arm Guards for Sale

When purchasing archery equipment, there are some factors that you should consider. For instance, when buying an arm guard, it is meant to ensure that your arms do not incur any injuries. Some of the tips to consider when purchasing arm guards include; the type of arm guard and the size of the arm guards.

Types of Arm Guards

When purchasing an archery arm guard, you should first know that there are three types, and they include; mid-length arm pads, full-length arm pads, and elbow pads.

Full-Length Arm Guards

The full-length arm guards protect the upper portion of the wrist and the biceps. They are made up of a hard-shell. They also have a soft interior, and the exterior is made up of plastic. The full-length arm-guards are usually meant for the attackmen who want to ensure that their arms are not injured. The archery forearm guard has also proven to be efficient. When looking for a leather archery arm guard, you can opt for the full-length arm guard.

Mid-Length Arm Pads

The full-length arm guards may be cumbersome to some extent. Some of the present alternatives include the mid-length arm pads. They mainly protect the mid-forearm, the mid-bicep, and the mid-length pads. They also ensure that your arms will enjoy some mobility. Although they offer mobility, your entire arm will not be protected.

Elbow Pads

The elbow pads offer mobility, but they do not protect your arm fully. They only protect the elbows. Also, they are mostly suited for the mobile midfielder and the defenders. If you are starting out as an archer, always opt for a forearm guard that offers full protection.

When purchasing arm protectors, always ensure that you have considered the size. The size of the bow arm guard matters since it may affect your mobility; As a result, ensure that your archery forearm guard is fitting and it will not affect your mobility as an archer.