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Quivers have been used by archers since the beginning of their era. If you imagine someone from the old Stone Age era you’ll remember a cylinder leather bag that people used to hold their arrows. They’re basically the best way for you to hold your bow and arrows when moving around. Some forms of an archery quiver for weapons are the bow quiver, crossbow quiver, and long bow quiver. When using a compound bow quiver, it should be noted that the quiver is built into the bow and can’t be removed. The quiver is usually built into the bow or the sight. When a quiver is on your weapon you have to remember that it makes it heavier and changes the way you hold and shoot your arrows. If you want an easier shot or something more lightweight then you need quivers that don’t attach to a weapon. There are back quivers, hip quivers, and the general arrow quiver to help carry arrows without weighing down your bow and shooting arm. Hip quivers come in two different varieties, the target quiver and the field quiver. Target quivers have the pointed end of arrows down in your bag and the feather side point towards where you’re looking. They’re perfect for people in a stationary position or for people who are practicing at targets. Field quivers on the other hand have the feather end point behind you so you can move around without your arrows hitting everything in your way. Back quivers are the most popular since you can manage your movements easier and they never get in the way. The only thing you need to get used to with back quivers is pulling your arrow from behind your back without looking. When looking at quivers make sure that they’re durable, fit your shooting style, and hold as many arrows as you need.