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Everyone knows that arrows & bolts are the most common ammunition when it comes to a bow or crossbow. What most don’t know is which crossbow bolts or arrows to choose and what makes them different from each other. The term crossbow arrows can be used but it usually gets confused and mixed up with regular bow arrows. Hunters make it easier to identify by not calling them arrows but bolts instead. Crossbow bolts are smaller and usually made of aluminum or carbon to make them light weight. Unlike regular bow arrows that are made up of wood, crossbow bolts don’t splinter and are more resistant to bending. If you’re looking for crossbow bolts for sale then you need to look at the weight and how many fletchings it has on it. Fletchings on a crossbow are those plastic wings that have replaced arrow feathers. Crossbow bolts on the market typically come with three fletchings on them to help them stabilize. The fletchings make the crossbow bolt spin and keeps it from steering right or left when being fired towards a target. The best crossbow bolts should have long fletchings if the bolt is long, and short fletchings if the crossbow bolt is small. The fletchings go hand in hand with the crossbow nock which keeps the bolt in place while you shoot. The two types of nocks are the flat ones and the half moon ones. Flat nocks can be shot immediately while the half moon needs to be lined up with your crossbow string. Some crossbows like the Parker crossbows only use 20 inch bolts even though a typical range is from 16 to 22 inches. Companies like Ten point crossbow on the other hand make sure all of this goes into their crossbows. Crossbow bolts come with a bow but are also sold in packs since they’re easy to lose.