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When looking at crossbows for sale make sure you choose the right crossbow arrows. When talking about ammunition the term arrow can be used for both a crossbow and a regular bow but the term bolt can only be used with the crossbow. Bolts don’t have stabilizing feathers but arrows always do. What stabilizes a bolt are the fletchings that are connected to it’s rear end next to the nock. Bolts nowadays use three fletchings to help direct it where to go and makes it spin so that it’s stable and doesn’t move right or left. The weight of your crossbow bolts change how how sight-in and affects your accuracy as well. Instead of pounds or grams, the weight of bolts are measured in grains or GPI (grains per inch). If you only have the GPI, you can measure the bolt and multiply it by the GPI to get the actual weight. The average length of a bolt is 20 inches but can range from 16 to 22. Every recurve bow or crossbow comes with a manufacturer’s recommendation for what size of bolt to use. You can buy bolts slightly longer than what’s recommended but if you go shorter than what your crossbow needs it could lead into trouble shooting your arrows. The back of bolts come in two different nock types, half moon or flat. Different companies like the Barnett crossbow and pse crossbow are common choices when going crossbow hunting but recommend different nock types. You can shoot right away with a flat nock but you have to align a half moon nock with your bow string before you shoot. For those looking for ammo for target practice there are things like a ten point crossbow you can use. Field points are just sharp enough to stick to an immobile target but not sharp enough to pierce or kill.