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Youth bows are a great way for children to dip their foot into archery. An easy way to get someone young into archery is with a kids archery set. After a kid gets used to it tied of a toy bow and arrow the next best thing is a safe version of the real thing. They come packed with the go to items like a kids bow and build able arrows. When getting an archery set you need to know if you’re going to get a youth compound bow or a crossbow. Crossbows are more advanced and should be left to teenagers or adults. A youth bow and arrow should be easy to use so it can be more enjoyable and live changing for young people. A modern kids compound bow should be able to fit in their hands and have a comfortable grip. Make sure that you get a bow half the size of the child to make it more comfortable. The second thing to make sure of is that your bow is left or right hand proof. There are archery kits out there with bows specifically designed for people who are left handed. Once you have that figured out the next thing to look at is the weight and stiffness of the bow. A bow won’t be any good if you don’t have enough strength to hold it and the stiffness will only make it harder. A lighter less stiff bow will be easier to hold around and aim with. A bow and arrow set is a great gift and away for someone young to spend their time with. It encourages exercise and being outdoors in the fresh air. Bow and arrows for kids should always be the right size, weight, and style for whoever the young one is.